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[1.6.2] How to install OptiFine with Forge


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Level 9 : Apprentice Mage
As you may know if you install optifine with forge minecraft crashes. I am going to show you how to install them together.

Step 1:

First you will need to download forge and optifine.

Here are the links:

Forge:http://(Ad link removed)/673885...0.0.804.jar.bcf
Optifine (Standard):http://(Ad link removed)/404181...1.6.2_HD_C4.jar
Optifine (Ultra):http://(Ad link removed)/404181...6.2_HD_U_C4.jar

Step 2:

Install forge with the installer then run minecraft on the "Forge" profile. After that exit minecraft. Open the optifine .zip you downloaded with WinRAR. Click file > Save archive cops as... Then click on all files then add .jar as the extension.

Step 3:

Rename the .jar you just converted and replace the upper cases in the word "optifine" with lower cases and replace the _ after optifine with an -. After renaming it should be named optifine-1.6.2_HD_C4 or optifine-1.6.2_HD_U_C4 for ultra users.

Step 4:

Locate the .minecraft folder go into libraries > net then make a folder called "optifine" (all lower case). Go into that folder and make another optifine folder. Then make a another folder name it "1.6.2_HD_C4" or "1.6.2_HD_U_C4" for ultra users. Then copy your optifine jar into the folder you just made.

Step 5:

go into the .minecraft > versions > *your version of forge* then open the .json file with notepad ++. Go to line 7 then press enter the paste this: "name": "net.optifine:optifine:1.6.2_HD_C4",
"serverreq": false

"name": "net.optifine:optifine:1.6.2_HD_U_C4",
"serverreq": false
for ultra users.

Step 6:

Save and close the .json then op the minecraft launcher butDON'Tclick play yet. Go to your Forge profile then click edit profile. Check JVM Argumentsthen press space after -Xmx1G the paste -Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true then click save profile then click play.

Done! If you have a problem then post a comment.

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