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16x16 Pixel Art 16! Flame Themed Motorcycle!

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avatar Starwarrior25
Level 44 : Master Artist
I felt like making this motorcycle tonight, cause I was bored and had nothing else to do. Originally the motorcycle was going to be ocean blue, but I had to go with a flame design.

If you want to use this texture, please ask before you do so! Also, if you want me to do a texture, just leave a comment or send me a PM!

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08/30/2012 9:50 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Bunny
lol, i've found myself waiting for you to release more pixel art, i love it, but you really should have a go at texturing a texture pack or something, and did you get my message on skype for what i want you to texture for the II version of my mod?
08/30/2012 10:20 pm
Level 44 : Master Artist
Haha! That's awesome! Actually, I have been working on a texture pack, called Totally Eccentic, or something like that. And yes I did get your IM on skype.
08/30/2012 8:32 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Ladybug
You know, these 16x16 arts you make can be easily used in a funny lookin texture pack. ;)
08/30/2012 8:37 pm
Level 44 : Master Artist
Yea, I have a hard time not making a texture pack from just one texture I make. Thanks though!
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