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20,000 Blocks Under the Sea - Mineideas

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tacitAlpaca's Avatar tacitAlpaca
Level 34 : Artisan Mountaineer
As many may have already noted, Minecraft has a variety of biomes to explore and live in. The many updates have included very interesting additions to those biomes. Despite this, I feel that there is one that barely ever even gets mentioned; the ocean biome. As of yet, the ocean biome has been a vast area of nothingness rather than the wondrous expanse that it has the potential to become. I believe that this should be changed. By improving the oceans, Minecraft would offer a new area to explore and build in without having to create a whole new biome.

This would be achieved through the following:

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A huge difference between the ocean biome and the other ones is that the others are easily reached. The player can always walk (or ride) over without really needing anything besides functioning WASD keys. But to venture deep into the reaches of the seas, the player would need a way to breath underwater. Besides growing Steve a set of gills, a solution would be to have diving suit of sorts. This has been implemented only a little through the 'Respiration' enchant for helmets. However, this enchant only adds 15 extra seconds of breath. To actually be able to roam the underwater depths, more time would be needed. I would extend the enchant to other parts of armor or even better, add a craftable diving suit. Its durability would go down underwater and let people breathe until it reached zero. The suit would recharge when the player is out of the water. Any damage taken by attacks, fire, or falling would lower the durability of the suit which it could not recharge. The diving suit or fully enchanted armor would allow for roughly 2 minutes.


No matter how easy it could become to access the ocean, without a reason to go there, why would anyone try? And I'm not counting the times you might heroically dive in after your enchanted diamond sword you accidentally threw off your boat as you frantically attacked the horde of spiders that followed you off the shore... nope not counting that. All jokes aside, people would need a reason to go to the ocean. Most obviously, people would find it much easier to make underwater structures. So far these have been rather rudimentary, or made in creative simply because of how tedious it is to use doors, torches etc. But if it were easier to do so, people would surely feel encouraged to build there.
But having new land to build would not be enough because why build in a place so far from resources. And so, more resources should be brought down. These could include coral reefs that grow items for brewing, cool looking rock formations like those in the extreme hills biome, or even randomly generated sunken ships that could have chests filled with items similar to those found in villagers' chests. All of this would encourage people to explore the seas more readily.

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A unique quality of the Minecraft ocean is that no aggressive mobs spawn there. But if travel there became more frequent, as I have suggested, it would be quite boring without any danger to be encountered. This would be solved by adding another mob that spawns in the ocean, like a shark or jellyfish or manta that would attack the player on sight or contact.

With all of these fulfilled, the ocean would become a much more enjoyable and interesting experience for the players to discover.

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07/28/2013 11:48 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Engineer
crazyworm7210's Avatar
you know that would be nice and more nicer if they can make the sky limit not 256 make it unlimited like the real world we live in and the sea like about l50,000 blocks under and the water is 90,000 dept
02/06/2013 2:14 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Glassroadprogramming's Avatar
I think I can program the diving suit! Would it be okay if I used your idea for my mod? I'd give you credit in the description!

this is my post about it:

01/22/2013 8:34 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
Spazzles's Avatar
Nice Idea! I would love for this to be implemented! :D
01/12/2013 11:28 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragon
ineenhut's Avatar
Thiss cool :)
01/09/2013 9:06 pm
Level 23 : Expert Robot
Lava4267's Avatar
Its good besides the title, to me it ruins the title of the book
01/09/2013 7:14 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Narwhal
SuperBobiss's Avatar
I have been looking for a mod like this for forever, but to add it to Minecraft? HECKS YES!
01/06/2013 7:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
saphireslayer21's Avatar
there is the enchant aqua infinity in case you havnt noticed
01/09/2013 7:08 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Narwhal
saintpaddy's Avatar
aqua affinity idiot it helps you mine faster underwater.
Mr Pamplemousse
01/02/2013 7:48 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Artist
Mr Pamplemousse's Avatar
Awesome idea! I've always wanted to live underwater, but it's so complicated... i hope someone tries to incorporate this minedea into Minecraft! :D
01/02/2013 11:41 am
Level 35 : Artisan Droid
Hermesbird's Avatar
I think water breathing enchants would just need to be adjusted to make this idea feasible, no need for suits.

But I really crave an underwater update!
And also, something I would like to see...

Mermen or Kappa NPC villages spawning randomly under the water (below 50-40 blocks, just to make it somewhat deep).
Mermen would be non-aggressive like regular NPC, Kappa would attack (the water counterpart of witches).