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Fizzy Chickens
Level 55 : Grandmaster Fish
Hello everyone I'm Mickyp123 and Technical_Tech! We are the founders of Fizzy Chickens.
We create highly detailed 3d models for servers and for people to download and to play with.

I get a lot of questions in Regards to the 3d models we make and as such have decided to post in this blog in-order to
answer as much as I can, or even to even teach people who are new to the concept of 3D models in Minecraft what they are and how they can be used in such a way which can be useful to them, weather it be adventuremap making, minigames, and even if they are thinking of using them for server use or just personal use.

What is a 3D Resource Pack?
3D Resource Packs works by changing the physical form of an item or block in minecraft.
This can be any Block or Item. But it is merely just the form of the object that has changed, the game mechanics of the item changed will still apply to the object. Lets say I changed the form of the Ender Perl to look like A 3D Grappling Hook so it would function like one in Vanilla without use of command blocks or coding. The 3D grappling Hook Would work like the Ender Perl because you have only change the shape of the Perl its not a new item.

So What Can you Do With a 3D Resource pack?
You can change the form of any object you want in minecraft to look like something else. I have found a few cool ways to use 3D Items from making new blocks, Pets, Hats, weapons, vehicles, and with the use of moving animations on the objects adds extra effect to bring the 3D objects to life :)

What Do You Use To Make Your Models?
I use 2 Different Software to make my models. I use Paint.net and bdcraft CubikStudio
I personally prefer using Paint.net because Its free and I know the software really well, if you know how to use photoshop or GIMP or any-other software along those lines I would just say that is completely down to personal preference.
I use Cubikstudio because I thought it was the best thing I can find to do what I wanted to do with it. Though its not a free program I had a lot of fun with it once I worked out how to use it properly.

Question:Do you make the models on something like blender then import into cubik?
Answer: yes. now you can if you wish use cubikstudio for the texturing as well as the modeling however, if you are more comfortable modeling in other software as long as you can export the file as an OBJ you can import it in cubikstudio. doing this method i can either do the texturing in cubik or chose to do the texturing in paint.

If you want to do a pack in 1.8-1.9 i would recommend cubikpro.
Cubikpro allows you to export in 1.9 but purchasing cubikpro should give you a 1.8 version called Cubikpro MC18

How can a 3D resource pack Benefit my server?
After a year of modeling resource packs I have had the chance to work with a number of servers.
I have found that a custom resource pack can give a server its own sense of style and uniqueness and can really set it apart from other alike servers. For example I helped with a pack for a Naruto server who wanted to set themselves apart from their other competition so by having 3d weapons, hats, pets and objects, the 3d resource pack can really make it feel like you are playing in a Naruto universe.

New items, weapons, pets, armor or even vehicles that are unique to just a server, can open the door to selling cosmetic items or collectables that no other server can offer.
New objects to the game can also lead to more unique game modes that where never possible with the standard vanilla blocks and items, that can be designed to any set Theme or style.

And thanks to everyone who helped, support, gave ideas, comments and diamonds in our projects we really do appreciate them thanks everyone :)
If anyone has any questions in regards to 3d resourcepacks or is stuck
on anything in particular that i can help with leave a comment and ill
try get back to you as soon as i can or just message me.

Update #2 : 04/20/2017 3:38:31 am4/20/17

update information on how to make 3d models

Update #1 : 03/21/2016 4:26:14 am3/21/16

Re did some of the text in the blog

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also, I was wondering if there is an easy way to convert a model from a 1.9+ resource pack to a model for a 1.8 resource pack. I prefer to use 1.8 XD
if the model has more than 600-700+ elements it may be hard to work with in cubikpro due to lag 1000+ elements may be near impossible or at least very very slow, as from what i remember its not as powerful as the more recent cubikstudio which everyone is using nowadays so any pack 1.10+ that has models that are high in detail may be harder to convert to 1.8
This is possible. cubikpro itself exports in 1.9 but when you purchase cubikpro it should also give you a version called "Cubik Pro MC18" this is the 1.8 version. Its been awhile since i used it but you should just have to import the model go to views-editmode then adjust everything for inhand, head, wall views etc
also may or may not need to set the model texture again if not skip this step. but just in case you do, just go top left bar window-MaxWorkspaceWithManagersOnTheRight it will open your material manager then right click the texture reload it.
Then just export the model as a JSON file and your done
I have a question. can you create the model itself on paint.net, or only the textures for the model? I am interested in making my own models, and I would like to know what I am getting before I buy a $20.00 program (cubik). so, what I am realy asking, is can I do all of my modeling on paint.net where it is free? or do I need both programs?

Thank you so much, and I think your models are amazing btw
Hello Waffles, we can see your comment on this page and you don't need to say it on another submission. We know Cubik Studio is a lot but its only 1.9+, if you want 1.8 models, you'll need Cubik Pro, as thats what we started with and it creates and converts 1.8 models. We use Paint.net for the textures and nothing else. You cant really create a model just using it, I suppose you can but it would be extremely hard. I do recommend you use Cubik Pro or Studio instead of doing the model your self.

Thanks so much man!
I appreciate it!
  • awesomeman29
  • Level 24
  • Expert Button Pusher
  • March 21, 2016, 12:57 am
Could you do a tutorial on how to actually MAKE a 3D resource pack?
better late than never XD but we did some video tutorials on how to make a basic 3d
model www.youtube.com/watch?v=f72D5zlRsUI
yea alright once i workout how to fix my screen sharing software ill do a few vids on it :D

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