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50 ways to troll a survival server

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LethalAnt's Avatar LethalAnt
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This is a TROLLING article, NOT a griefing article.
As big as I make those words, people will probably ignore them anyway.

Trolling- The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off. Usually via the internet.
Griefing- Griefing is the act of ruining large or very noticeable portions of other people's creations.

The goal of this article is to create a list of playful, clever ways to torment others on SMP servers WITHOUT griefing. When the trolling is done, both you and the target should be able to reflect on the act and both get a chuckle out of it.

50 ways to troll a survival server

1. Obtain multicolored dye and paint all the sheep you can find pink or green

2. Go into someone's branch mine without their permission and dig dark 2x1 tunnels. They'll suspect Herobrine and become too scared to play.

3. Cover the floor of someone's house with wooden pressure plates, but don't rig any explosives

4. Leave signs outside someone's house saying "thanks for the stuff" without taking anything. They'll go crazy wondering what you've stolen.

5. Obtain eggs; spawn hundreds of chickens in a crawlspace underneath someone's house. The noise will annoy them.

6. Dig spaces underneath someone's floor in their bedroom. If executed properly, mobs will spawn in their house when they try to sleep.
Obsolete now that bed mechanics have changed.

7. Enter someone's house; take their valuables and hide them in a chest somewhere else in their house. -DONT STEAL- (i.e. if they have a storage room, hide the diamonds in the box with the dirt and sand)

8. Dig someone a wide moat around their house. All the way to bedrock.

9. Steal the unsmelted ores out of someone's chests. Place them in the walls of their branch mine. Confusion level: Over 9000

10. Place obsidian directly above every chest in someone's house. They'll have to remove all the obsidian in order to open said chests. Grade A storage room trolling. Bonus points if it's their obsidian you used.

11. Replace all the glass blocks/panes in someone's house with melon blocks. Repay the glass deficit by leaving sand and coal in a chest outside their door.

12. If someone has half-slabs for flooring, place ice underneath it. An ice glitch will cause the half-slabs to act slippery like ice- Note: Ice is impossible to obtain in block form now that silk touch has been nerfed. Server commands might be your best bet in obtaining it.
13. Find someone with a wooden house. Place burning netherrack underground within audible range of their house, but not close enough to make it catch fire.

14. Tame a bunch of wolves and have them follow you onto random peoples' rooftops; leave them there

15. Flood a small portion of someone's house using only one water source block; leave a sign nearby saying "I made you a swimming pool"

16. Build a mob grinder somewhere below someone's house. Build a mob elevator to bring them up to the surface in one of their rooms.

17. On servers with LWC, place signs with the phrase "umad?" on people's walls. This protects the block and prevents them from destroying it, infuriating those with OCD. Bonus points if you place them on the inside of their building.

18. leave many signs saying "thanks for the stuff" outside people's homes. steal nothing.

19. fill someone's house with mine carts. use their iron to craft them

20. Remove torches from branch mines or large houses, place them in a chest near the back with a note about trying to save energy. It's not griefing if you aren't actually taking anything.

21. find a public tree farm, replace it all with red and brown shrooms (big shrooms) and put down a sign saying the elfs are coming

22. Create a house on someone's roof.

23. Get a LOT of mushrooms and cover the floor of someone's house with them.

24. place flowers in people's furnaces.

25. Replace all the floor blocks in someone's house with furnaces. All of them.

26. Harvest all of a person's pumpkin farm and reassemble the harvested pumpkins into a giant 1:1 jack-o-lantern on their front lawn. Attach a sign, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

27. Find a branch mine that's still in use. Figure out where the next likely mining activity will be. Plant a single tile of wheat in the middle of the tunnel. Similar ideas: random isolated pressure plate, random isolated pig spawner, etc. Optional: a sign that says "Herobrine was here"

28. -Entirely cover the interior walls of someone's house in paintings. Every square inch must be behind a painting.

29. Place a few pig spawners exactly 1 block underground on someone's lawn. They will wonder wtf is up with all the pigs.

30. Go and look for somebody who uses either a lever of pressure plates to go in and out of their house. Make a piston fall trap in front of their entrance, make it so that they fall and land in a pool of water. Make the pit out of furnace blocks so that they can't get out.

31. Make an inventories worth of cake, then go round placing cake everywhere in somebodies house, floor, work surface etc. they don't have to eat all the cake, but at the same time they have to choose about wasting it.

32. Fill a persons house with boats

33. remove the 2nd or 3rd log from every tree.

34. build underground sticky-piston contraption to make the ground snake up all over the place at random times (powered by detector rails and constantly on booster rails)

35. Surround someones house in obsidian. with sand on top.

36. Place TNT all over someone's house. Make sure not to light it.

37. Make a TNT cannon next to someone's house, but don't fire it.

38. place a tnt and a redstone wire leading really really really far away but dont activate it. let them follow it. as they are doing so, destroy it behind them so they get lost.

39. Get lot's of material and TNT, build a replica of someone's house, fill it up with tnt, and make them teleport to you! When they teleported, light the TNT! They'll get scared if you do it right!

40. Plaster signs all over someones house.

41. Place obsidian blocks right across from their house to where it says "Faggot"(Facing their house obviously)

42. go into someone's mine and take their ores, but place them in their chest. If they were planning to mine them, they'll be confused

43. make a wall out of doors and lock them so nobody can get in

44. make big annoyance machines (TONS of doors hooked up to redstone) under peoples houses

45. Change the text of all their signs to be misleading. For example if their rooms or chest are labeled, change the storage room sign to read "kitchen" and change the stone chest sign to read "gold" etc.

46. Put wooden pressure plates EVERYWHERE

47. Destroy someone's house, then rebuild it exactly the same, but upside down.

48. Find someone's house, and replace all grass blocks with snow, and try to make it look as wintery as possible. Build a giant glass dome and fill the whole thing with water.

49. get TONS of gunpowder, then proceeded to dig up a noob's house and rig the whole floor with tons of TNT. wire it up to the outside, placed a lever with a message that says "Curiosity killed the cat".

50. fill someone's house with snow golems.

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12/19/2021 12:49 am
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trolling srver
07/18/2013 7:00 am
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By your own definitions 2,8,10,11,16,17,19,22,25,35,40 and 47 are all forms of griefing.
07/15/2013 5:39 pm
Level 29 : Expert Pixel Puncher
Chocoback XD
Chocoback XD's Avatar
Also,put an upside down steve skin (have other people in the server to do the same) and noobs will think their minecraft is broken and disconect...
07/13/2013 8:54 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
pumpchkin's Avatar
That... is alot ._.
07/13/2013 8:48 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
mitchell9720's Avatar
Cool :)
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