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A really good server!

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avatar MatyB
Level 16 : Journeyman Skinner
Today I found a really good server called EnderCraft! I found it today while browsing through the servers on PMC.

It has nice admins and its full of really nice players is well. It has pvp,building,ect,ect

If you would like to check it out the ip is . Its great fun for players who love fighting mobs,farming or even just building!

Recently the server was updated and now there will be CTF if enough players ask for it, factions for you and your

freinds, team builds: where the whole server comes together to build somthing AWSOME!

The biggest and most recent update was that they aded mcmmo! Its a very popular RPG plugin

HOPE I SEE YOU THERE (I wont be there the server has gone to shit since it got a new owner Qlitz)!

07/02/2012 5:17 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Ranger
Thx for the Blog matyB! i look forward to see the evolution of this!

and yeah u'll get head-admin or admin or something like that!
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