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Allocating More Memory (Ram to Minecraft) And FPS Boost

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Windows Guide** Sorry Mac people.
Notice: This is not a guide that will work for everyone, I am also aware that there are guides like this around, however this will have a mutli function; thus setting it apart from others.

Running minecraft with low amounts of RAM may be something many people struggle with, this is either due to lack of RAM on your system (Most laptops coming with 4Gb - 6Gb cheaper end ones with 2Gb) or simply not knowing how to do this. This guide is here to help this issue along with FPS drops due to poor PC performance on a multitude of levels.


0. Make sure you have the Most up to date Version of Java you can, some times Java can block the Process by saying you couldnt allocate more.

1. First find how much RAM in which you can allocate, the easiest way is to goto your Control Panel, this can be done many ways, the easier being hitting The Windows Key + the R key at the same time and typing Control Panel on windows 8&10, or in 7 going to the bottom left Windows logo and typing it there or clicking it on your Side Bar.

Windows 7:
Allocating More Memory (Ram to Minecraft) And FPS Boost

Windows 7-10:
Allocating More Memory (Ram to Minecraft) And FPS Boost

2. Once in the Control Panel goto System and Security > System and you will see your Information.

3. From there is where our Paths differ, IF you have 4+ Gb of RAM you should continue reading, if not you can continue but there is little that can help you,  other than installing Optifine. (See 6)

4. Open the Minecraft Launcher and hit Edit Profile in the Bottom Left, Make sure to Check JVM(Java Virtual Machine) Arguments, from there Change the First number you see (-Xmx1G) to your desired amount of RAM, In my Case I can Allocate up to 14 Without any issue so i have 8 Allocated as im also Running Shaders and Textures.
NOTICE: If your Minecraft Does not launch then you have allocated Too much RAM and it will not work. For most systems it is best to do Just 2Gb.
5. Click Save profile and Launch, If you crash or Recieve and error then Allocate less Memory.

6.Installing Optifine is also another alternative, it allows better control of the Graphics in the Game to allow lower prefoming Computers to run the Game with better performance, It can be downloaded Here.

7. When in game another Option is to turn V-Sync off (V-Sync meaning your FPS will only goto the refresh rate of your Monitor, most being 30-60 FPS) and turning your Render Distance and Particle settings down.

I Hope this Blog helped, if you have any Comments or Issues please dont hesitate to leave them, If you have any corrections in which you feel would make this Blog better leave them also It would be Much appreciated.

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