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American M4A1 Tank destroyer

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AndrewMA avatar AndrewMA
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Hi, this is gonna be my first tutorial, so today i was thinking of making the M4A1, a U.S. Military tank
First your going to want to place two 1 by 7 blocks of black concrete parallel to eachother by 3 blocks, making it 5 blocks wide, secondly your going to want to get green terracotta and place a 5 by 1 by 7layer on top of the black concrete, next your going to place burch fences on the outer side if each black concrete block, then, your going to get waxed weathered cut copper stairs and place a row of it upside down across going outsied in between the columns of black concrete making it 5 wide, and do the same but on top and regular placement across the green concrete facing outwards, do the same on the other side of the tank, you can choose wich ever is the front, by placing a green concrete block on top of the last block before the stairs and behind that a 3 by 1 by 3 square next to it, and on the singular block place 3 out facing end rodes to make the turret, on top of the 3 by 1 by 3 flat sguare, facing away from the turret, youll want waxed weatherd cut copper slabs forming a T shape on top, thanks for following along, and for reference if any of the instructions were unclear use my image for reference

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