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An 'argument' on Teen skins

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before you begin ranting on how stupid this is just hear me out: I finished a book on arguing and i want to test my skills on it

Teen skins (from the skin makers side)

Now we all know teen skins.Weatheryou make them or just see them and shriekin horror you know them. Teen skinners do not like to be called a teen skinner (I was a teen skinner my self) and acted defensive. Who can blame them? We call their skins "horrible" and I say "DEAR GOD HELP ME. NOOO THIS IS A WASTE OF YOUR TALENTS!!111." but the thing is, that's their thing. We shouldn't get angry at them for a few pixels on the skin.

When i was a teen skinner I remember being very defensive and rude. I also remember looking at sugar buns skins forinspirationand acting all pastely and cutesy, Then I remember not calling my skins teen skins but "kawaii" or "Loli" It was stupid to be honest. My skins got stolen all the time, sure it got me lots of subs but I didn't feel happy with it. I wanted to make anime skins of boys not girls in sailor suits. Sure it makes you feel nice that your skins are being downloaded/used but for what reason? becausethey look like [famous teen skinner]? Now if you like teen skinning fine, I don't care, as long as you are happy but think
What am I doing this for?
What need am I filling?
Is this what I want to do?

Am I happy doing this?
If you said yes to those keep making those teen skins just don't deny it.
Someone has to be stuck with the burden of being called a teen skinner so just accept it. I mean if you are happy enough to awnser yes to all of those questions above then you are happy enough to say you are a teen skinner

Also Note there is a difference between these teen skins and these just nevermake these types of teen skins please. Mostly because those use stolen parts....

From the other Persons side

Let's face it. we're annoyed with all these stupid teen skins spamming up PMC. they all are either Rarely shaded or Over shaded and emo hair.  It's a waste of their talents. Such skins should belong on sites like Skindex or Minersneedcoolshoes for all we care. I mean the big anime eyes and the bright colors make me want to puke. Then they give stupid symbols like "owokawaiigirl124owo Sugary Pancake girl!11" Like really? They are
- Poorly Made
- Rip offs
- Unoriginal
But just because you hate the skin doesn't mean you have to hate the skin maker. Trust me, there are a lot of teen skins that I hate but i love they makers, they can be the nicest people in the world. Just think for a minuet
What are you helping pmc do by Hating on the skins?
What will the other person feel after you call their skin "stupid? and Unoriginal?"
Will this put you in a positiveor negativelight?
If you still think that teen skins are stupid and should be given all the hate you have then just do it in silence. They probably don't want to hear you calling their skin stupid so just say it in your head or even better: Get them to make something else. Encorage them to use their talents for something good.

so in conclusion

Skin Makers Have the right to make their own skins
People who do not like the skins are perfectly fine.
but the problem is this is a game of cat and dog
Teen skinners make the skins
Non teen skinners hate the skins
Then the Teen skinners fight back

edit: Deleted comments so no one acts up. I really don't need a flame war
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