An Empty Shell? An Undecided Creation [FoUND S1 W3]

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avatar Torm
Retired Moderator
Level 31 : Artisan Scribe
The game has begun, and I start to fly
Over the net, ‘fore spinning awry
Expertly countered, I’m struck once again
From table I bounce, strokes intensify

Entrapped in the white
A relentless fight
As we bounce left
And as we bounce right

Arm flailing wildly, I fall to the floor
Picked up off the carpet like those come before
The sweat of the palm starts to bead on my skin
‘Til again I’m released, bent to level the score

Match point is here
It ends with a cheer
Both players are happy
But I just feel fear

Their faces are joyful, but I they appal
No thought is spared for the little white ball
Off now they go, to dance and to sing
Key turns in the lock, now dark is the hall

I guess now they're done with me
And I guess I'll just be
Sitting here all alone
Until next time, maybe


Team Undecided's week three entry for the FoUND Poetry Tournament - the week's theme was 'Inside a ping-pong ball'. Credit to TheCatLuver, Torm, and PandaMCThanks for reading.
CreditTheCatLuver PandaMC

08/25/2015 9:53 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Dragon
Sorry I'm not posting any poems :/

I was just gonna put one up..
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