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AntVenom's Playthrough of Extreme AntFarm Survival

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samurigeek's Avatar samurigeek
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Yesterday I watched episode 1 of the new series made by AntVenom, Extreme AntFarm Survival and the map
was made by MGPlatinum

P.S. Today AntVenom released episode 2 and I have to say I facepalmed at 1 point, No Offence AntVenom

Things I liked about the Episode 1 (Series Premiere):
He was very determined to give all of us a good episode 1 and I am now very attached to the series, like the
Minecraft Files but thats a whole other story, I liked how AntVenom was funny, he used funny memes and
sarcastic phrases.

Things Ant could've done better with:
Researching a bit into the potion of instant health with the enchantment of Sharpness V that was enchanted
using either NBTEdit or INVEdit or whatever but hey, nobodies perfect. Even though Ant was very determined to
make a good episode 1 I think personally that the video could've been around 25 minutes long but whatever it
was still a good video.

All in all I really liked the series premiere and AntVenom did a good job kick starting the series and so out
of 100% I rate it 97.16%

Well Done AntVenom :)

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