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Apocalyptic Disasters Mod

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WaFan0's Avatar WaFan0
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This type of mod would add many different types of ways the world could end. Listed below. chances = chunks (1 in 5 means that for every 5 chunks there is one also means minecraft days 1 in 5 means on average 1 will happen every 5 days. Completely random. There can be some right next to each other.)
Types of disasters
1) A meteorite could hit the land and leave a large area devastated.(Possible to walk around and have a 1 in 750 chance of finding one naturally.
2) A Tsunami could leave a large area of land covered in water for a period of time. Before it hits the water near the land could lower.(chance 1 in 10,000 plus only occurs in areas near an ocean biome.)
3) Earthquake - variable strength up to magnitude 10 if occurs in ocean biome has a chance to cause a tsunami. the stronger the earthquake the more likely a tsunami. (chance is as follows. magnitude 1 = 10%, magnitude 2 = 5% (follows equation magnitude # / 2) so mag 3 is 3.33% because 10%/3 is 3.33 repeated)
4) Volcano- Found in mountain biomes with a freq. of 1 in 5. Has a caldera(large pool of lava) underneath the volcano. Has a rim that can have a variable amount of lava from near empty of it gushing out. 1 in 100 chance of spawning a super volcano that contains an incredibly large amount of lava. (volcanoes have a 1 in 100 chance of blowing up and throwing lava a variable distance away.)
5)climate change- "the new term for global warming" ocean biomes start to rise up 1 block every 15 minecraft days(up to 20 blocks higher max) Taigas start to lose snow and shrink(will eventually disappear)
6) Tornado- spinning vortex of wind that picks up blocks and chucks them. Flying blocks can harm player and wind can pick up the player and through them. 1 in 20 chance of happening for a F1.(Every size up F2, F3 -F5 has a 25% less chance of spawning(so F2 is 1 in 25, F3 is 1 in 30))
Additional Notes
Those chances are for normal difficulty. Easy = +1/3 chance so 1 in 5 on normal is 1 in 6.66 on easy. Hard is -1/3 chance so 1 in 5 on normal is 1 in 3.33. Hardcore is same as hard. Peaceful is 0% chance of disaster happening.


Thought up all by "Wafan0" a.k.a. me. I didn't look at any reference before I started. I just got a piece of paper and started writing for an hour and a half. Then I shortened it and posted it here. Thanks for taking the time and reading over my subscription. And have a merry Christmas.

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12/22/2012 11:03 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
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Hope you like it. =)