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Automatic Armor Equipping Contraption

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avatar JarlDredix
Level 17 : Journeyman Dragon
Okay guys it has come to my attention, after a bit of time spent on the wiki and sifting through youtube videos, that it is possible to make a contraption that, somewhat like in Ironman, will spit out armor and equip it automatically onto you. This is evidently very easy to make and might come in handy when on a PvP server and in a bit of a pickle. An Easy but rather obvious way to build one is to follow these step.

  1. Build four dispensers.
  2. Build two pressure plates.
  3. Place the pressures plates inbetween the two dispensers at a distance of which both dispensers can recieve the redstone pulse. E.G D=Dispenser P=Pressure Plate


Build it something like that.
If you look at this posts images you should see how it should look for you
Stock those dispensers chalk full of armor and weaponry and just run through the pressure plates and BAM! You are geared and ready to go.
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