Basic Survival


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Level 27 : Expert Architect
Firstly i would like to say read my blog on how to find diamonds right after reading this!

1.Ok first seek out a nice forest with lots of trees or find a wall to make a hole in.
2.Get as much wood as you can and also take the saplings these can be of use.
3.Next make a crafting table and make a few tools.
4.Craft yourself alot of wooden planks and if your making a hole house then make a shovel and pickaxes to carve out the mountain/hole.
5.Make a door this is one of the most important steps.
6.Ok now you should go and find some wool to take make a bed(if your house is not built just make a hollow and wait there.
7.Ok now it is time to mine most people say do not dig down but i prefer to.
8.Plant seeds soon and grow crops.
9.Then you should start an animal farm if available
10.Go Adventuring but be careful

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