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BeastNode Minecraft Server Hosting Review


Youve heard about BeastNode, but is it a good choice for you

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BeastNode Server Hosting.
I recently bought a Minecraft Server host from a company called BeastNode. They not only do Minecraft Hosting, but also Website Hosting.

Problems with BeastNode
It seemed good, for around 34 bucks a quarter I could get 30 slots and a fair amount of RAM installed. But after about one day things started happening. I had around 5 very lightweight plugins in, and the CPU usage skyrocketed to around 99%!

This shocked me, because I had read so many good reviews on them and how fast their service is. I opened a support ticket and they responded within a couple of hours. So I give their Customer support a 10. They said to check for broken plugins or anything that would slow it down... I found nothing. I only had Essentials, and world edit. That's 5 plugin files, yet it was making the server go 99% and it continued to do so.even when I restarted it.

They use their custom version of the MultiCraft Panel which I do like a lot, but unfortunately it's a little slow with all the drop-down menus and such. Otherwise the MultiCraft Panel they use is about an 8.

Each server is a powerhouse consisting of Dual Intel Xeon 5620 (4 core +HT), Solid State Drives and a Gigabit port to to connect you to your server.The RAM is good, you can get up to around 4GB worth of RAM on their servers, which is really insanely fast for around 60$ USD. Their uptime is, you guessed it, 99.9% always and forever.

If you want to see the Ghast Package, their most powerful one, read this.

Starting from
$59.95 USD

+ 1-90 Player Slots
+ 4096MB of Dedicated RAM
+ Multicraft Game Panel
+ Support for Bukkit/Vanilla/Tekkit
+ Free Dedicated IP with Default 25565 Port Included
+ Full FTP Access Included
+ 5GB of SSD Space (Can Upgrade)
+ Free MySQL Database by Request
+ Free Mumble Voice Server & Subdomain Web-Hosting by Request
Their Hardware ranks an easy 9
That's pretty cool, but they still advertise that you get a free Premium Buycraft account, where you can sell ranks within the game for a bit of real money and for a specific time period.
You can also choose a variety of places where you want your server to be hosted, in all corners of the USA and some in different countries I believe.

So, is it worth it?
Unfortunately for me, this isn't the real deal. If you want someone that has hardware 4x faster than this, get Redstone Host. They use a very effective type of storage known as RAMDisk, 4 times faster than Solid State. I won't go shouting to the rooftops that BeastNode is amazing, and I may just switch over to Redstone Host.


--Your friend,

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