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Best Weapons in Minecraft

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TheEnderman01's Avatar TheEnderman01
Level 35 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
I recently was curious about what the best weapon in Minecraft was.
So, I experimented. First, I got 16 gold swords and enchanted them all. Next, I combined them all on an anvil. I got some amazing results.
The sword I got after combining all the other gold swords together on an anvil was this.
This is the best sword in the game(by my process).

Fire Aspect II (2)
Knockback II (2)
Looting III (3)
Sharpness V (5)

I also did the same process to 16 bows. This is the best bow in the game(by my process).

Flame I (1)
Infinity I (1)
Power V (5)
Punch II (2)

I only did this once, so I don't know if these weapons are entirely the best, but they seem pretty good to me. I also did this process in Creative Mode.

What is the best enchanted item you have got in a survival world?
Tell me in the comments.

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