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Borderlands/Fallout inspired Adventure map coming soon!


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avatar TheEvilKittyWizard
Level 41 : Master Nether Knight
Ok, this is a brief preview of a map that I'm making. The story goes: You are a wealthy and eccentric person (man/woman/whatever) who realized that you should build a safe bunker to protect yourself in the event of a nuclear fallout. You were right, obviously. Thermonuclear war broke out across the world (think of world war III on steroids) and you were forced to conceal yourself underground for as long as you had to. Time passes, and you've been stuck there for almost 800 days. The generator is having a core meltdown, the sensors are malfunctioning, and you think you're going crazy, so you grab a broken pipe and a haz-mat suit and leave your bunker, only to find a barren wasteland were life actually endures, despite human, natural and technological obstacles. No more information will be disclosed about story until the map is done, but I will frequently add/change pictures as the map progresses. Now for some technical/gameplay details: it must be played with the custom texture pack, or else everything will be wool, stone, leaves, and some other messed up stuff. On a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it as a 7.5 overall. It has some basic/intermediate parkour, some pretty mind-bending puzzles, and some tough combat encounters. It will also use a lot of redstone wizardry!

So please diamond/favorite/subscribe if you liked this, or if you'd like to contribute to the building of this map. If you subscribe and then message me telling that you did it from this post, I will include you in the credits!


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  • Zazorok
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Vampire
  • March 24, 2013, 7:29 am
When is this going to be done?
Well, idk. The texpack isn't up-to-date anymore
Dang it the pictures didn't load... i'll fix that asap
Interesting enough. Have you thought about using Tekkit or Feed The Beast (Or another modpack!) to help make your vision more realistic? A nuclear reactor on a timer would be child's play and a few other "technical wizardry" could be done to assist you on your way.
Yes, I have thought of that, but I couldn't build anything with mods because when I downloaded MC 1.3 onto my new MacBook Pro, my bin folder didn't have a META.inf folder. No mods 4 me :(
Tekkit comes from a launcher though! You shouldn't need a META.inf or really anything other than a premium account to do so. =|:J{O
Oh yeah... I forgot that Tekkit copies your entire Minecraft folder and tweaks it so that the mods will work. Thx, I'll definitely consider doing that!
Granted you could make a group of mods yourself, but if you use one of the popular, simple to install ones, I figured more people would be open to downloading it to use the map. :P

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