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bronies making pony skins. (go back to 4chan bronies!)

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vitamin23-2 avatar vitamin23-2
Level 33 : Artisan Cowboy
i know there have been alot of blogs about ponies and bronies and how they're "taking over pmc" well i completly agree, but this is ridiculous. when almost ALL of the skins on the reel are freaking pony skins that don't even look good it's freaking ludicrous. im very good freinds with a brony so you can't call me racist/prejudice (and honestly people treat it like a race/religion) but seriously you can't tell me that someone who isn't a 4-7 year old girl can honestly enjoy this because because it's just one of those things that's popular on the internet and everyone wants to say "oh i like that too, yeah yeah" when in actuality it's just something people do to seem different yet be the same as the people they are trying to be different with.

anyway what im saying is don't push this pony subject to pmc just like herpes and anything else bad it should stay on 4chan because even though that hipster/brony/4chan-fan i mentioned earlier he is right about the one thing he says "if it starts on 4chan it should stay on 4chan" and just as a precaution if anyone thinks they might have a new show or old game they want everyone to check out (i say old game because apparently the video game idustry is ruined and games will never be good ever again) how about you start it on 4chan so that it can hopefully be contained for awhile longer before it spreads to the rest of the internet and please PLEASE stop with the pony skins.

sorry if i offended anyone and ive already come to terms with the fact that i'll probably get hateful comments from you "bronies".

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08/10/2013 6:52 am
Level 28 : Expert Creeper Hugger
Panda_Kris avatar
But im not a Brony....! IM A PEGASISTER !!!
10/19/2012 6:30 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Skinner
GeXile avatar
fail xD i got a pony on the hotreel, DEAL WITH IT =)
10/15/2012 3:55 am
Level 40 : Master Pig
Tubby_Squirrel avatar
We dont need 4chan, we have pony chan.

Also Singular = Brony
Plural = Bronies
08/26/2012 4:17 pm
Level 25 : Expert Network
PennyLane avatar
Some bronies/pegasisters want to share their pony skins and texture packs with others. You're basically telling bronies to stop sharing their hard work with people that will appreciate it. So if you hate these bronies so much, just ignore them and we won't bother you :)
08/20/2012 11:15 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Epiclogan5 avatar
08/05/2012 8:18 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
EAtrooper avatar
*inhaail* ........ I guess.....it will never hapen i will say to you hater....wait.....nevermind.... i will say i will SAY that us Bronies and Pegasisters here won't go back to where we started! god.....flipping haters....
07/26/2012 4:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DragonSoulSong avatar
Hello vitamin23-2,

I, personally, find it kinda funny you should think/say this, as being a 'Brony' is more of an idea than anything, really, merely a label that people apply to themselves and/or others. Ironically, due to the very nature of an idea, and, as well, the nature of the internet, regardless of your personal feelings/wishes/desires it is completely and utterly impossible to 'contain' an idea, such as that of being a brony, in any manner even resembling what you are suggesting. You talk like this is a bandwagon movement, but that is as far from the truth as bloody well possible. Perfect example: myself. I very recently decided, being of a naturally curious nature, to just watch the first few episodes in order to form my own, objective opinion on it. Now, about a week or so later, I've found myself having finished the entirety of the so-far aired episodes and having absolutely loved every minute of it, not because I had a bunch of friends or whomever saying that it was great and that I resultantly decided to go along with it for the sake of being different from the 'norm' along with them, no, but because I truly, honestly, enjoyed the show, watching it for the first time with no eyes other than my owno ¦my own objective, unbiased, yet curious eyes, and all the while being willing to accept/accommodate new ideas. There will always be others around you that have differences in their likes, dislikes, feelings, and opinions as compared to you, and you may not always like the differing thoughts of said others, but that is just the way life, the internet, and the world are, and you just have to accept that, and deal with it. You need to be accepting/understanding, or at least respectful, of those that have differing ideas than your own, whether you like them or not, because, sorry to say, otherwise your life will likely be quite miserable, constantly being surrounded by others with differing opinions and hating them for it. All the same, I respect your personal opinion on the matter. Does that mean that I like it? No. I quite frankly find your overall attitude about it appalling, apologies if you find that offensive. But, it is your opinion, which you are fully entitled to, and I, again, fully respect that. All that I ask, that we ask, for that matter, as I shall now here speak for all who consider themselves to be a brony, is that you return that same respect for our opinion, regardless of the fact that you dislike it, and that you worry more about who we are individually, rather than judging us by some show that we watch, and enjoy, that you, apparently, do not.

With all due respect,

07/14/2012 9:49 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Poe8100 avatar
Kinda Ironic since Notch is a Brony
07/03/2012 1:04 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Mallaceis avatar
sir, you like minecraft? yes quite. kind of obvious. Sir. The person who made Minecraft. well. He's a brony... Also. before you say NO Jeb and Mojang made minecraft derp herp herp... well. Notch gave ownership to jeb. And he's the one who founded the company "Mojang. Sir, Bronies are here to stay. and well. Can someone make me a skin of a guy with a dj-pon3 shirt.
06/22/2012 2:05 pm
Level 27 : Expert Herobrine
The_Forougite avatar
we are here to stay
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