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avatar FatalZero
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Hey Everyone! this is going to be a sort of update blog on the C.E.N.S project. If you don't know what the project is, the link is HERE.

This first post will be a sort of background to the entire project. If you can't be aresed to read through a few minutes of me rambling, feel free to stop reading now.

The C.E.N.S Project:
The C.E.N.S Project started on 01/01/12, and is a part of a larger project made by FatalZero (Pure, Uniiqe, Ptecho, Banbo and xStund). The basic concept was to build a base for the evil C.E.N.S for our machinima series, Coal of Duty. We have been writing scripts for the series since last November, and after a few months, we were ready to build the world we had imagined. So far in the bigger project we have built the aircraft carrier that one of the main protagonists.

We are starting the C.E.N.S build fully on the 18th. Any help will be greatly appreciated, but if you do wish to help, we need to know that assistants are "trustworthy". Feel free to msg us if you want to help out!

The entire project is expected to be finished by september 2012, but we may end up adding or removing certain parts.

Thanks for following the project!
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