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Changing Your Game-mode in Minecraft! [For The New People!]

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Changing Your Game-mode in Minecraft!

So some of you people might be wondering...
How do I change my game-mode in Minecraft?
Well, there are actually a few ways to do it!

Method #1, 2

Method #2, 3

Method #1

The first method of doing this is when you create a world,

click on "More World Options..." Then you'll need to move
your cursor to the box that says "Allow Cheats: OFF".
Once you've done that, click that box once, and then it
should say "Allow Cheats: ON". That means you can
change your game-mode inside the game. To do so,
choose your desired game-mode from the list below:
0 = Survival
1 = Creative
2 = Adventure?
3 = Hardcore?
Here's a helpful page to find out what the difference is in each one
Click here to view the page! The text you need to type is formated
like so:

/gamemode 1
| | |
Tells the | Tells what
computer | game-mode
it's a | to set to.
Tells the
that it's
to change

Method #2

The second method of doing this is while you're inside your world,
press esc or "Escape", on your keyboard. This brings up the pause

menu, where you can alter game settings and controls. Click on the
box that's labeled "Open to LAN". Once you've done that, you need
to once again press esc or "Escape", on your keyboard. After doing
so, press "T" on your keyboard and type /gamemode 1. 1 is the
specific gamemode, which can be chosen from the list in
Method #1.

Method #3

The third and final method of doing this is when you're on a server,

if you are either a high enough rank of an admin, you just type in
the code listed in Method #1.

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