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Chapter 3 - A New Danger

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_Whisper12_ avatar _Whisper12_
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There it was! The village, at last! Buster thought to himself, he had to warn them, he had to get help.

"Hello!? Anyone!? Help please!" Buster called out, hoping for an answer.

- - -

"Whisper I think I heard something. You wait here I'll see what or who it is." Trotelot said jogging away.

"Kay' I'll put Lightning back." Whisper replied, leading Lightning back to her stall. Herself and Trotelot were quite good friends over their love of horses. Whisper shivered, Who could it be? No one had a voice like that, she was sure of it.

Seconds later, Trot called to shadow, herself and a few of the others to come see who it was. Whisper sprinted before slowing to walk next to Shadow. The moment she spotted the being, a sharp, red hot pain lanced behind her eyes, a pain she knew all too well. She gasped before doubling over in pain.

Shadow was the first to her, "Whisper! Are you ok!?" She said frantically. But Whisper didn't reply. Whisper breathed hard, the pain slowly ebbing away.

Finally she managed to say, "I'm here- Its- okay Shadow-" Shadow hugged her, lightly. Trot was already drawing his sword when Whisper glanced up, Her voice almost silent but she managed to say, "No Trot, let him speak." Trotelot hesitated but sheathed his sword.

The boy, ender-being maybe, glanced down before he spoke "S-sorry I didn't mean to hurt her- She seems familiar, The same thing has happened to me, When I met someone who I had known before- before The Incident." His voice was shaky, and filled with fear and guilt.

"It's okay- It has happened to me before too-" She whispered, leaning into Shadow as the heavy, aching fog faded from her mind. A few moments passed and she managed to stand up, faltering slightly but staying upright. "Why did you come here and what's your name?" She asked, studying human-ender hybrid. He wore a light blue-purple shirt with a very faded and slightly torn pair of blackish-blue jeans that were obviously loved. The thing that fascinated Whisper the most was the small, leather bags he wore, the same ones she had made before The Incident.

"Um, my name's Buster. I'm here because, the Warden has escaped it's cavern near the deep dark village." Buster said, his voice filled with fear.

"Well, we need to help him!" Whisper said, her natural odd personality coming back as the fog of her mind dissipated.

"Fine we'll help him. But only because I know you would leave and go be a hero anyway." Trotelot said, a smile creeping across his face as he rolled his eyes.

"Yesss!" Whisper grinned before asking Buster, "Uhm before the incident, was your name- Was it Aiden?"

"Yes, it was. Was yours, Estella?" Buster asked, his eyes filled with excitement and wonder.

Whisper gasped, "You're- you're my cousin!" She leapt into his arms and whispered, "It's really you!"

- - -

It had been a day since Whisper had been reunited with Buster and everyone had prepared to come help save the village, crafting or buying as strong armour as they could and getting their strongest weapons. Everyone was ready for the greatest fight of their life...

Thankyou everyone! Part 4 will be finished soon (I already have it mapped out in my head)

Everyone in story (order of appearance)

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11/27/2022 5:53 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Scribe
BiCrafter752 avatar
This is awesome! The mystery of The Incident continues...
11/27/2022 5:57 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Enchanter
_Whisper12_ avatar
You will never know...

It is a secret...
11/27/2022 3:27 pm
Level 43 : Master Procrastinator
Angelonasher avatar
Oooooh nice

But what's the incident? I need to know >:C
11/27/2022 5:53 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Enchanter
_Whisper12_ avatar
The Incident has not yet been revealed (it will be soon)
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