That- that looks burnt. That’s okay though. Sometimes in life things look burnt and y’know what I say? Cook it more babeyyyyy
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    Hullo! I see you’ve found me….. I’m Trotelot, by I go by Trot to the best of my friends. I was welcomed with open arms into this community and now it’s one of my goals to do so to others. I’m an artist and I’ve made a few skins, so I guess that’s a little something :) I enjoy playing Minecraft on Bedrock in survival, on horror/escape maps, and in servers such as the Hive.

    Also, I have now found some friends, so look out :D

    -Drawing & sketching (on devices or on paper)
    - Playing Minecraft
    -Playing Minecraft with Friends (because it’s 1000x better that way)
    - reading (LOTR)
    -Riding horses
    -being a goofball with my friends
    -memes (this is Gen Z, y’all)

    That’s personal, dude. I’m still a minor, there you have it

    Favorite YouTubers
    Sapnap, Team Edge, Henwy, Dream (I’m not a Stan), Ranboo, Fundy

    Where I live
    The Nether.
    America, The USA, dry land, earth, ground, land, North American country, North American nation, solid ground, terra firma

    I’m a Christian who’s striving, along with some friends, to make the world or even just this community a better place. The goal is to get to Heaven and take as many people with me as possible :)
    Proverbs 21:31
    “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But deliverance and victory belong to the LORD.”
    My ideal future would involve learning computer coding or animation. Also training horses. I know, opposite ends of the spectrum, right?
    I like I love fire.
    I have one dog, who unfortunately wouldn’t care if I lived or died.

    Enemy - Imagine Dragons
    Bulletproof - Citizen Way
    Cages - We The Kingdom
    All My Favorite Songs - Weezer + AJR
    Blinding Lights - The Weeknd
    Dancin’ - Cg5
    Rocky Mountain High - John Denver
    Follow You - Imagine Dragons
    Heat Waves - Glass Animals
    Truth be Told - Matthew West
    Carry On - Young Rising Sons

    Favorite Animal
    Mammal: Horse, Fox
    Bird: Bluejay, Sandpiper, Peregrine Falcon
    Reptile: Rubber Boa, Loggerhead Sea turtle
    Amphibian: Axanthic Axolotl
    Fish: Seahorse, Striped Bass

    I’m a girl —straight— (tomboy though)
    my persona is a boy…. I know… (So idrc if you call me a boy, many people do XD I don’t blame you either, it’s confuzzling)

    Trotelot, Trotty, Trot, are all names I will positively respond to…but….
    You might be wondering…. ‘How the heck did you get your name?’

    I have an explanation:
    Trotelot pronounced quickly as [​trot-uh-lot], has many meanings and origins.
    I wanted a unique name that wasn’t cheesy or too bold. My original gamer-tag was trottingfox23, but I gave my friend my old account because I wanted to start new.

    First off you must understand that I am an equestrian, which means I ride and take care of horses. When riding a horse, there are five main gaits: walking, trotting, lope, canter, and gallop. Trotting is not only my favorite gait, but my horse and I do a heck of A LOT of it to stay in shape. Hence ‘Trot’ hence ‘A lot’. But I changed the ‘a’ to an ‘e’ because it looked and sounded better.
    And lastly because walking is boring and slow, when I’m at my humble establishment, called home, I trot around from one room to the next. It sounds silly but it’s the truth.

    It also rhymes, so it should be easy to remember. There you have it. It was unecessary, and nobody asked, but I gave an answer. Thank you for your time :)

    My support stamp I guess:
    It’s not amazing, but here it is

    Also it’s kinda big— o.o

    This probably won’t interest you…
    I just told you… nothing happens here
    I’m being serious
    Think about it…
    You don’t listen very well
    Fine then…
    But I’m warning you
    Your loss
    You did this to yourself
    You can turn back now!
    You’re still here?
    That’s unfortunate.
    I’m sorry

    Oh and yes, I inspired my profile page format from ShadowOnTheLoose
    you should go subscribe to her, she’s awesome
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    Lovely people I support and/or consider to be friends:
    (In no particular order)
    -ShadowOnTheLoose :)
    - Fireboy_404
    - Melly_5398
    - contentkid_inc
    - Veillax
    - IMWIW
    - Angelonasher
    - Jozum5
    - Beann_5673
    - Tzyber
    - TaterLP :)
    - LucisFerrer
    - AqxdClutchs
    - 00Toast
    - Yogibear05
    (You should go support and subscribe to my friends, if you haven’t already)

    Support Stamps :) (under construction, pls stand by)








  • Fan/Friend things

    ‘As it Burns’ by Angelonasher (go subbbb)

    Art by ShadowOnTheLoose (very good friend of mine, pls go sub!)

    An awesome fan-skin by Shadow, again :)

    And also check out the Trotalotl by Shadow as well XD

    Amazing skin by my friend, Tzyber (Go Subbbbb)
    It’s honestly extremely well done, go CHECK IT OUT :)

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      June 23, 2022, 7:46 pm to Public
      I know I did a pet reveal…. But
      today I welcomed a new member to my family… Truffle!
      Truffle is a baby Three-Toed Box Turtle who my dad found while mowing the lawn. She was dehydrated and because she is so small, and we have owls out, this turtle will be staying with us until she is healthy and mature enough to defend herself.

      contentkid_inc said 2022-06-24 11:12:13
      teen age mutant ninja turtle teen age mutant ninja turtle teen age mutant ninja turtle turtle in a have pike turtle power
      00Toast said 2022-06-24 08:17:59
      Yogibear05 said 2022-06-24 00:25:44
      ITS A TWERTLE!!!!!!!! and its small too!
      Trotelot replied to TaterLP's comment below 2022-06-23 21:34:26
      Yooo that too
      TaterLP said 2022-06-23 21:14:07
      And a hand reveal
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