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    About me

    ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
    Personal Information
    Names I will respond to: Shadow, Lucy, Amaya
    Gender: Girl

    Age: Hah, nope
    Appearance: Here
    Height: About 5' 5"
    Where I live: The USA


    Amazing Fanart by my friends!
    This is by the fantastic storyteller, Angelonasher
    (go check out her other story here)

    A silent figure stood still on the rocky hill. Her long hair blew in the chilly winds; half of it was the blackest black that absorbed all the dwindling light of the rising sun, and faded into a deep midnight blue. The right side of her tresses was a purplish ash-blond, desaturating towards the tips.

    She scanned the horizon, the faint glow from her cat-like, midnight blue eye disappearing in the dark side of her face, but reflecting in the her right, icy blue eye and casting off a cold rim of light on her tan cheek. Her sharp eyes stopped on the other figure below her.

    She quickly looked him over, her hand unconsciously tightening it's grip on the diamond pickaxe she held.Her lips broke out into a warm smile."Heya," she welcomed the newcomer, her icy stare relaxing. "Welcome to Pmc!"

    This is by my close friend and amazing artist, Trotelot!

    This was created by Angelonasher! Shes an amazing artist and friend!

    This was made by the fabulous IMWIW!

    These are by the amazing anonpmc4072473!

    By my wonderful friend Dan_TheChair!

    By the talented jellyfishh!
    (this is not fanart of my persona, its of a character in the story i am writing, Halo)

    Some amazing art by DaniAdler!

    Adorable art by blackconverses!

    Trot's version!

    Ash's version!

    IMWIW's version!

    Tzyber's version!

    Content's versions!

    Jupit3r's version!

    Whisper's frog version!

    You should read this :)
    I care about you.
    All of you.
    Everyone is worth my time.
    If you need someone to talk to, I'm quite available and absolutely willing
    So don't be scared of me :)
    I know I have a lot of subs and friends and whatever
    and that can be intimidating
    But I am a human just like you
    I have problems just like you
    So I just want to make the world a better place.

    ★·.·´¯`·.·★ 🆀🆄🅾🆃🅴🆂 ★·.·´¯`·.·★

    Me: I got distracted by a rock and now I'm lost.

    Trot: How did a rock distract you?

    Me: idk-

    Trot: Ah- probably the Enderman side of you then.


    Potato: Have a cookie. *Yeets cookie* Eat the cookie.


    Potato: ComEdY!


    Me: I'm so good at life lol

    Trot: Yes you are, and I love you even though you walk into metal poles sometimes.




    Potato: What do you want for Christmas?

    Most kids: Toys!

    Me: O l i v e s


    Potato: Anyone else trip over a shotgun lying on their floor? No? Just me?


    Trot: The spatula just broke-

    Me: What-

    Trot: I was just flipping a sandwich and it gave up on life-

    Me: Wow, poor guy-

    Trot: Yeah, I can fix him tho

    Me: Oh gud, don't let him suicide himself-

    Trot: There's hope with super-glue therapy

    Me: Yeah, make sure he feels loved

    Trot: Ofc, ofc


    Trot: We just had an entire conversation over the well-being of a spatula whom I have dubbed Stanley

    Me: Yes we did and I am very proud of that


    Potato: It'S FiNe, i'Ll juSt tAlK tO sTraNGerS on The IntErnet iNstEad oF DoINg mY sChOol :D


    Trot: Flip the table, hands down, no argument.




    Me: Your voice is on upside-down-


    Potato: Not everyone can be winners, but everyone can be killers!


    Me: idk what to eat-

    Potato: Food

    Me: Nah I think I'll have some paper.

    Potato: Dirt is good too.

    Me: Yeah but I'm not going outside to get that.


    Potato: Stop rubbing off on me, its annoying.


    Me: Eating ice makes my stomach hurt-

    Potato: Just existing makes your stomach hurt.

    Me: . . .You're not wrong-


    Me: The dad almost died in a fire tho-

    Trot: Whoops, my bad… that may have been my fault-


    Me: We'll be there in thirty seconds, Trot has a flamethrower.

    Trot: This is a fact

    Potato: I have a shotgun on my floor- I hit six skeet in a row, fear me-

    Trot: Oooo- That'll make it a challenge for sure-


    My dad: Two capes is significantly hotter than no capes.


    ~ℙ𝕣𝕒𝕪𝕖𝕣 ℝ𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤~
    If you have something you want people to pray for, make a post in the guestbook :)

    -TheMountianeer-Getting better at her job

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    Hello, my name is Shadow. I am a Christian skinner and artist.
    All of my work is original, or at the very most, inspired by another's art.


    (Just a btw, I don't allow swearing or any hate here :)
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    God doesn't waste pain. The creator of the universe would not let you shed a single tear for no reason. Everything has a purpose, whether big or small, whether it affects you or someone else, now or in the future. So don't give up, every single tear has a purpose. If you need help, lean on God. He is a loving father who knows and understands your pain. He won't show you his plan or change the fact that this world isn't perfect but He will hold you when you're crying and guide you step-by-step. He is not human, that His emotions would change so suddenly and inexplicably. He is an unchanging, perfect being and He is waiting for you with open arms. Waiting for you to trust him, even if you can't see a purpose. God doesn't waste pain.

    "There's no growth without change, no change without loss, and no loss without pain." -Purpose Driven Life

    (and now onto the unimportant stuff)
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    • Katfoo10's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 7:35 am to Public
      Question of the day
      Something in nature that gets prettier in winter?

      Evergreen/pine trees
    • iantisocial's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 7:28 am to Public
      I’m so burnt out from school
      only one week till break tho
    • WhisperOfTheWild's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 7:27 am to Public
      is tired
    • BelleChxn's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 7:09 am to Public
      ROUND 1 IS OVER !! results are coming after i get out of school!
    • TravisaInc's Avatar
      TravisaInc shared Travisa Inc's post
      February 29, 2024, 6:52 am with Public
      Travisa Inc's Avatar
      Travisa Inc post by TravisaInc's Avatar TravisaInc
      February 29, 2024, 4:58 am to Public
      "Any allegations against us"
      View original post
    • Kokano's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 5:58 am to Public
      getting ready to go to the airport in a little over an hour

      we’re going to be on the road for over four hours (with traffic), and flying for over six. it’s going to be a very tiring day, but traveling is normally like this

      probably no new updates until we get to the place we’re going
    • PMC Artist Community's Avatar
      PMC Artist Community post by nyawi's Avatar nyawi
      February 29, 2024, 4:28 am to Public
      • been incredibly art blocked but finally managed to make and post something
      Fatcqt said 2024-02-29 07:18:27
      Fatcqt's Avatar
      Man this is cool
      autumn said 2024-02-29 05:05:51
      autumn's Avatar
    • autumn's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 1:52 am to Public
      it’s been a week since my dog passed :(
    • autumn's Avatar
      autumn shared BokusuDraws's post
      February 29, 2024, 1:50 am with Public
      BokusuDraws's Avatar
      February 28, 2024, 2:52 pm to Public
      Hello guys! It would mean a lot (if you have pixilart) if you vote for my drawing: Thank you so much!! 🩷
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    • ScarletAzalea's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 1:21 am to Public
      alright I’ve now studied the Wilbur Shelby case and it’s pretty unclear what has actually happened but Wilbur’s attempt at an “apology” was so fucking laughable here were my highlights;

      “I want to emphasize that, although I feel it fair to offer my perspective, this person's feelings are completely valid.”
      mmmhmmmmn it was just practically a feeling that you were biting and harming ur gf

      “I’ve since sought therapy to address these behaviors making significant lifestyle changes to rectify my past actions”
      good for you I guess ?? nahwwrrrr be fr

      “I am dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of those around me and hope I can continue to be help the these high standards i wish to attain and maintain.”

      I think Wilbur also said some weird ass thing like he has proof of innocence but wants to respect Shelby’s privacy and feelings like ✋ if you’re innocent clear your fucking name sorry

      i don’t want to come out with an opinion right now because it’s actually unclear what’s going on but if Shelby really is a victim of any sort of abuse, I without question support her ❤️

      again, with the context of assuming the worse is true.
      it is disappointing to see online “idols” do shit after acting like cute innocent people for years
      lovejoy was some of my favorite music, but I will take a break from streaming it.
      never trust that you can understand who someone is online. you never know, this is why people say never meet your idols. you don’t know who they are. they could be serial killers for all we probably know.

      stay safe, there are so many resources going around right now so educate yourself and if you think you may be being abused please get help 🙏 💕
      autumn replied to iantisocial's comment below 2024-02-29 06:55:00
      autumn's Avatar
      iantisocial replied to autumn's comment below 2024-02-29 06:28:02
      iantisocial's Avatar
      autumn said 2024-02-29 01:51:14
      autumn's Avatar
      which shelby is this? the mcyt one?
    • GenevaDog's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 1:16 am to Public
    • SSPBL Season 8
      Minecraft Collection
      • 105
      SSPBL 02/29/24 • posted 01/14/24
    • SnappNote's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 1:05 am to Public
      wip update
      Foxish said 2024-02-29 06:21:36
      Foxish's Avatar
    • ScarletAzalea's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 12:57 am to Public
      I was told today by a doctor, (a specialist!!) that we drove like 3 hours to see that I just needed to exercise 🤨😔🖕 (a common effortless excuse for them to end the appointment with no conclusion) thank u for waiting my entire day
      Ender_Sparkle said 2024-02-29 03:34:54
      Ender_Sparkle's Avatar
      Another reason to become a doctor 😁
    • GenevaDog's Avatar
      February 29, 2024, 12:45 am to Public
      Due to a bug in Planet Minecraft's Calendar system the Kit Mod is going to be released at 12:00am tomorrow. Or in 25 minutes. Have fun! :D
    • LBoomsky's Avatar
      February 28, 2024, 11:47 pm to Public
      they kept not letting me take environmental science until i had all the credits to make me not want to take another sience
      they literally put me in geology without my permission and I didn't touch a rock that whole year.
      LBoomsky replied to GenevaDog's comment below 2024-02-28 23:59:35
      LBoomsky's Avatar
      GenevaDog said 2024-02-28 23:56:49
      GenevaDog's Avatar
      Your pfp suits you
    • ajthepeach's Avatar
      ajthepeach shared RyluSpark's post
      February 28, 2024, 11:45 pm with Public
      RyluSpark's Avatar
      February 28, 2024, 11:40 pm to Public
      Exciting news for people waiting for the Cloudy Croi Circus!

      I'm being more active now, so I will be able to be active on the rp, to those you haven't joined and want to there is a forum that I have created for the rp, the joining forum and rp are separate

      MAIN PLOT!!!

      The Cloudy Croi Circus is known for its werid appearances in the sky, (and werid people) however the force keeping the Circus up has been fading and now the possibility of the circus falling apart is higher, is there anyone willing to try and solve this mystery?

      I'm very excited to see how this will pan out with the people who want to participate :>

      Sincerely, your local Lore enthusiast, RyluSpark :D
      View original post
    • ajthepeach's Avatar
      ajthepeach shared IGEBM's post
      February 28, 2024, 10:40 pm with Public
      IGEBM's Avatar
      February 28, 2024, 8:52 pm to Public
      lol today in Visual Arts, we had a lovely conversation with the sub about how messed up celebrities are (the origin point: “All celebrities are a—holes,” as said by a friend of mine in the class)

      People that came up in the convo:

      Taylor Swift (suing a college student, owning a private jet)
      Kylie Jenner
      All the other Kardashians (they ain’t “self-made,” Rob was a lawyer on arguably the biggest case in American history - as the sub said, “the epitome of daddy’s money”)
      View original post
      _BenQ_ said 2024-02-29 01:54:01
      _BenQ_'s Avatar
      Ahem kyanu reeves
      SteamMallard07 said 2024-02-28 22:59:13
      SteamMallard07's Avatar
    • BigFatPotat's Avatar
      February 28, 2024, 10:32 pm to Public
      I saw my own post in feed and tried liking it... lol.
      ajthepeach said 2024-02-28 22:40:48
      ajthepeach's Avatar
      happens to the best of us
    • Procrafter's Avatar
      February 28, 2024, 10:29 pm to Public
      Open for skin requests! Get them in fast!
      Dronko fire blaster replied to Procrafter's comment below 2024-02-28 23:37:01
      Dronko fire blaster's Avatar
      I have a reference sheet on my profile page
      WillyWonka replied to Procrafter's comment below 2024-02-28 22:44:02
      WillyWonka's Avatar
      cool :D
      Procrafter replied to WillyWonka's comment below 2024-02-28 22:43:29
      Procrafter's Avatar
      *derp* 😝 okay. Then consider it done… (when I finish that is)
      WillyWonka replied to Procrafter's comment below 2024-02-28 22:40:01
      WillyWonka's Avatar
      I meant a fox in a wonka outfit :P
      Procrafter replied to WillyWonka's comment below 2024-02-28 22:39:34
      Procrafter's Avatar
      I could use white chocolate or dark LOL 😂
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