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Choosing your server name

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All right guys
So this is a common problem. We all want some kind of name in the right direction, describing your server best possible. We have thought of servers, like Spectrum SMP (which we have been running with for a while) but we need something new. The original idea with this name, was, that we offered a variety of different plugins and we actually have 3 servers running, 24/7. But, we have runned a bit tired of this name, and we want something new. This is where you guys and girls come into the picture. Ofcourse, this is the situation I'm in, but ofcourse, it might help you out too, if you are starting a brand new server.

Heres what you can do:

Write everything on your mind when you hear this sentence: "Find a name for a server"

Now, when you have done that, remove all the server names you thought of, including Minecraft based items and names like Craft Creeper Spidey etc. You know what I mean. If you add "Craft" to a server name, it sounds like an amature made it up.. Im sorry to say that to you guys, but.. Wouldn't you agree with me? Something like Mumble sounds way cooler than Mumble Craft.. "Craft" have just been used waaay too much, and have made it too common when looking through servers..

Now, think of the server name, as being the capital of the whole server.. Mmh.. This is getting tough.. But I think its worth it!

When finding a great city name, a part of it COULD describe the landscape around the capital. Like valley, lake, hill, side, mount you name it...

Please specify what the name was thought for, I mean, what kind of style the server with your idea should be running.

Remember to write down EVERYTHING you can think of, even though it might not sound good, the version you made of it, can be converted in another persons mind, and make something new out of it. In other words, your ideas can give others, another idea, which could be an improvement.

Thank you.

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11/10/2012 10:39 pm
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wow. NEVER thought of that.
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