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As many or all of you know, here at PMC, Cyprezz, the Moderators, and the Contest Judges have annual contests, normally one each month. At the time of writing this blog, the current contest is the June Under the Sea contest. However, some people (not me) think that it's unfair that new skin makers have to have a contest against Leostereo, Danori, or those crazy skin makers. Don't get me wrong, they do a good job, but it's too much for the new skin makers. I kind of think we should have Noob Level Contests, Amateur Level Contests, Pro Level Contests and L337 Level Contests.

As for other contests, not too long ago, PMC held a building tournament about giving Steve a resort to go to for a vacation. I feel we should have more building contests, but with more open guidelines, such as having a Science-Fiction theme, a Redstone theme, or other things. It'd also be cool for some bloggers and story writers if we had a Blogging Contest, where we write about our favorite things in Minecraft, how we feel about something, or just about anything else. It might be harder to have a Texture Pack contest, because some popular ones take bits and pieces from other Texture Packs, such as in Ice Planet's Nether Wart being from the John Smith Texture Pack. Also, as for one each a month, why don't you slow down or speed it up? For Projects, give more time then the Skin Contest, but for Blogs, put it somewhere in the middle.

Now, the Server page is basically a contest on its own, as Owners need to get a fancy name, a good reputation, and just be great in general.

Now for a list of my personal Skin Contest Ideas:
1. Space
2. Animals
3. Hybrids (please no Mockingjays)
4. Real People
5. Instruments
6. Time Travel
7. Redstone
8. Science

Project Contest Ideas:
1.Mining Cities
2.Floating Islands
3. Pirates
4. Space Colonies in The End
5. Nether in the Main-land
7. Underwater (prepare for Bikini Bottom and Rapture)
8. Statues
9. Traps
11. Planet Minecraft Itself

Blog Contest Ideas:
2.Views about your Country's government, or a Student Government for the children.
3.Possibilities of New Blocks or Mobs in Minecraft
4. More Planet Minecraft ideas
5. Songs (Lyrics only, music only, or both)

Texture Pack Contest:
4. Futuristic
6. Minor Edits
7. Anything From the Past

Now for this Blog's Challenge! I want you guys to put down your own ideas in the comment section below! See if you can get any cool ideas! With your guys's and girls' help, we might, just might, be able to implement this to PMC!

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