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Cool Custom Items

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Tomandgreen avatar Tomandgreen
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Cool Custom Items

We all know that with TooManyItems and other external minecraft applications you can create special enchanted/buffed items, for example a dirt block with knockback, and so I've compiled a list of nifty "custom items" using this feature, along with custom potions.

Soul Reaper: Iron Hoe with Sharpness and Fire Aspect

Super Salmon: Fish with Knockback II

Corruptia: Potion with Dark Vision 2:00, Wither 0:30, and Nausia 0:05

Death Wand: Blaze Rod with Sharpness X

Holy Cross: Nether Star with Smite X

Soda: Potion with Jump Boost 2:00, Speed 2:00, and Weakness 3:00

Miner's Medicine: Potion with Instant Health II, Haste 2:00, Nausia 1:00

Heaven's Bow: Bow with Infinity, Unbreaking III, and Punch II

Magician's Flower: Flower with Silk Touch and Looting II

Beer: Potion with Slowness 2:30, Resistance 2:30, and Nausia 2:00

Overpower: Diamond Sword with Sharpness X, Fire Aspect, Looting X, Smite X, bane of Arthropods X, and can be used only three times before breaking.

These are just a few cool ideas I had, but if you have any please put them in the comments below and I may add them! Hope you enjoyed! -Tomandgreen


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