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Minecraft - CrackPack #35 | A Big Cow Dome

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avatar aamche
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
Welcome to my Let's Play CrackPack, my goal is to explore this modpack, but first I should be a lot more worried about that purple taint spreading ever closer.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuNkx65-i47TOTVoMC7AVI3lq82KsWgrA
CrackPack: https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/TheCrackPack

CrackPack #1 - I Should Be Worried
Welcome to CrackPack, my goal is to explore this modpack, but first I should be a lot more worried about that purple taint spreading ever closer.

CrackPack #2 - Fantastical Monsters
The hunt for the SilverWood tree is successful, but I’m soon ambushed at base by a group of monsters. Eventually I start building my tinker’s construct forge.

CrackPack #3 - The Smashy Hammer
I think I have this tinker construct figured out. Let’s get it done, so I can get my favourite tool.

CrackPack #4 - Thaumcraft confuses me
It’s time to take on the purple menace, but Thaumcraft is hard, and confusing, and hard

CrackPack #5 - Anti-progress
Grinding away at Thaumcraft, but it’s difficult enough just to boil water.

CrackPack #6 - Feels like crafting
Finally progress, we can actually build things in Thaumcraft. Progress, sweet sweet progress.

CrackPack #7 - Making way for more
My first time-lapse in a while, and it’s all to make more space for that most wonderful of plugins … Thaumcraft

CrackPack #8 - Mo Beans
I need more essentia, so I try a little mana bean farming.

CrackPack #9 - Going Nether
I’m going where no man should go, to seek out new life and kill it before it kills me. I’m going to the place I said I wouldn’t, I’m going to … the Nether

CrackPack #10 - Did I mention I hate the Nether
I have found a nether fortress and continue the search for nether wart. I’m sure that will work out well.

CrackPack #11 - Botania Batty Bonkers
Returning to base with fresh nether materials … ores I meant ores. But with no nether wart, I start on a journey to artificially create some … it is not a straight forward affair.

CrackPack #12 - Botania Mana Power
Finally filling the mana pool with dayblooms, but now I need an alchemy catalyst. That will need some blaze rods, and there’s only one way to get em. Stupid nether.

CrackPack #13 - I Want Your Rod
I finally found a blaze, I just need his rod to make my dreams come true. But it all turns out a bit pointless.

CrackPack #14 - Mystical Construct
Bean growing is slow and I need a growth lamp, but first I must build a mystical construct in Thaumcraft … somehow.

CrackPack #15 - Growth Lamp
Big crazy mystical construct is in place and it looks cool. Now to make a growth lamp.

CrackPack #16 - Alchemical Construct
Getting close to actually completing the magical joinery to fight the taint, let’s make some taint stopper tm.

CrackPack #17 - Technology Time
Switching gears from Minecraft magic to Minecraft technology. Time for solar power, harvesters and power pipes.

CrackPack #18 - Buildcraft Quarry
Time to install power, pipes and a quarry. Let’s clear a space, put out some landmarks and hopefully get it running.

CrackPack #19 - Item Transport Pipes
The quarry goes operational and these pipes transporting the results. Then onto planter installation, redstone engine and more pipes.

CrackPack #20 - Power Pulveriser
A bunch of different tasks as I prepare for the ME system. Adding power storage, testing out the pulverizer and getting ready to track down the meteor.

CrackPack #21 - Meteorite Hunt with Applied Energistics
Hunting down the Applied Energistics inscribers which can only be found inside meteorites. All this to get started with the me storage system.

CrackPack #22 - Back to Front with Applied Energistics
Building a drive system, powering a very basic me system. But can I build a drive right?

CrackPack #23 - Crystal Growth with Applied Energistics
Time to charge certus quartz crystals with a chargers and grow certus quartz quickly using the crystal growth accelerator, all this to make an ME crafting terminal

CrackPack #24 - Minechem Diamonds
When life doesn't give you diamonds you must make your own. A quick base update with a new server room, taint pushed back and a few other necessities. Then we build a quick minechem system to make some diamonds.

CrackPack #25 - Auto Redstone Solar Power and Other Auto Systems
Addition of a redstone system to automatically turn off the solar panels when they reach capacity. Also some moon base preparation for cheese making with the cyclic assembler and rancher to collect milk from cows. Automation.

CrackPack #26 - Building For Space
Finally the lake is clear of taint and it's time to build a platform for space tech and builds. This week a time lapse of the platform build and then we start to move in and build some galacticraft machines, all the basics of compressor, circuit fabricator and then electric compressor.

CrackPack #27 - Rocket Man
Time to make the ultimate goal, build a spaceship, a rocket, for travelling to the moon. But what about other things like air, there's no air on the moon.

CrackPack #28 - Oil Refinery and Rocket Fuel
There is one more thing before we can go to the moon, and that's rocket fuel for my shiny metal rocket. We need to pump up some oil and refine into fuel. Then load that into the rocket via a galacticraft fuel loader.

But sorry about the awkward moments.

CrackPack #29 - Rocket Launch
The base has been emptied, it's time to launch the rocket and go to the moon. Once there it is getting dark, the nights are long on the moon, so the most pointless stressful thing to do is install the solar power system.

CrackPack #30 - Need Oxygen
Running out of oxygen would be fatal, so I better get some air collection working before I run out.

CrackPack #31 - Big Reactors
The ME system is using lots of power, while solar is a good system we need more power. I think a simple big reactor system would help lots.

CrackPack #32 - Air Lock Galacticraft
An essential part of space safety is the air lock. Core material is meteoric iron and lots and lots of compressed aluminium and more oxygen concentrators. Should be an easy build, but those fresh meteorites are hot.

CrackPack #33 - Oxygen Sealer Not Sealing
Now that the galaticraft airlocks are installed on the moon it's time to install oxygen sealers to create a breathable environment. The problem is that I don't have enough of them, or enough resources. A trip to the mining dimension should help with more aluminium.

CrackPack #34 - The Server Cheats
I install a big reactor for more power and the mine goes super fast, but problems arise when it seems the server is cheating in the mining dimension. Time for plan B.

CrackPack #35 - A Big Cow Dome
Finally cheese making with extra steps. Let's build a cow habitate, pipe in oxygen, milk those cows, make cheese and ship it out.

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Minecraft - CrackPack #35 | A Big Cow Dome : 09/16/2017 5:19:30 pmSep 16th, 2017

Finally cheese making with extra steps. Let's build a cow habitate, pipe in oxygen, milk those cows, make cheese and ship it out.

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