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How to kill a Wither Boss ... maybe - SkyBlock #28

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aamche's Avatar aamche
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Playing on my skyblock server running spigot, askyblock and a few other basic plugins. Let’s survive the skies, build big vanilla farms, build until I get bored and do something else.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuNkx65-i47RWykghV2_0Kk6bOpfq4v7K
SkyBlock Server: https://www.gamergeeks.nz/

#1 | Do Not Fall, Beware
Playing on my skyblock server running spigot, askyblock and a few other basic plugins. Let’s survive the skies, build big vanilla farms, or at least until I do something else.

Minecraft, Server, Skyblock

#2 | Starter Base
Still moving and shaping all the island blocks into the new base. Moving lava generators always worry me.

Thanks to all the help from Somehow_Sentient

#3 | Stupid Things
The tree, cow and melon are all being stupid, and so am I. But we have the basic skyblock minecraft island set-up.

#4 | Getting Up High
The skyblock is looking bigger, farms are coming along. I want to get the mob farm started as it takes time to build up materials.

#5 | Mob Grinder
Always a lot of cobble and stone bricks to build a simple mob grinder. With no other spawn areas this mob grinder should work well.

#6 - Minecraft Skyblock Server #6 | Cactus Farm
Starting on the cactus farm, a smaller, straight forward, no redstone build. This will get some money flowing.

#7 - Minecraft Skyblock Server #7 | Planning Day
Finishing off the cactus farm second layer, planning the road ahead with potential skyblock farm building.

#8 - Minecraft Skyblock Server #8 | Fishfarm (and other stuff)
Time to add a auto fish farm. A few problems for server set-up, and also some other tasks and goals completed.

#9 | Mob Grinder Upgrade
The mob grinder won’t produce drops that require manual kills, such as potatoes from zombies. I’ll be adding a simple killing floor, but things don’t quite go to plan.

#10 | Update Potato
Time for a tour of the skyblock, more quests to complete. A nether portal to build and a quick tour to the skyblock nether.

#11 | Super Efficient Slime Farm
This slime farm is super efficient and simple to build. It's time to produce massive amounts of slime balls with basic household ingredients. Essentially a stack of spawning pads, and a cactus killing system with hoppers and water flow, simple!

#12 | Sugarcane Farm
I need a sugarcane farm, modular and fairly straight forward to build. It's a good use of slime blocks from our slime farm and a build up against the already big cactus farm.

#13 | Nether Islands
Time to head to the nether and have a look around. Essentially a nether island skyblock, with regular nether materials, but there's an extra unexpected thing with trees. Tress grow in the nether, but not as we know it.

#14 | Nether Tower Assault
There a very tall nether tower on the other nether skyblock. There appears to be several spawners at the top, at lease a blaze spawner, and a magma spawners, maybe even a wither skeleton spawner. But I need to get there first, and it's a big climb.

#15 | Nether Tower Summit
Time to claim control of the nether tower, I've geared up with potions of fire resistance. But my strategy is wrong, I've tried clearing the space, but I soon discover I should be filling it in.

Let's make the tower nether spawners a safe space.

#16 | Nether Farm Ground Work
Wtih the nether mob spawners secure it's time to cut and measure the space required for the spawn farm. I'll be building a piston funnel to push mobs into a smaller area, so I'll get a start on that too.

#17 | Blaze Farm (and other mobs)
Final build of the blaze farm, which captures blazes, wither skeletons and magma slimes. Almost everything I need from the nether in one confined area.

#18 | Simple Mushroom Farm
This Minecraft mushroom farm is a simple build. Mushroom growing is slow in Minecraft, so this tall silo approach maximises grow area and avoids the growth cap.

A simple tower with grow floor, seed mushrooms next to the growing floor and water collection. A hopper at the end pops the mushrooms into a chest.

#19 | World Tour
Time to checkout the overall progress, do a few quests, think about the future, and revisit all the farms,

● nether blaze farm
● mob farm
● fish farm
● sugarcane farm
● mushroom farm
● cactus farm
● slime farm

#20 | Iron Golem Farm
The start of a new iron golem farm, this is the simplest iron golem farm you can build. All it takes is blocks and villagers, but I do have upgrade plans for it which has me a little worried.
(Based on docm77 iron golem farm)

#21 | Failed Villager Crop Farm
I was right to be worried about the automatic minecraft villager crop farm, it was going to be complicated. The problem is that the villagers are only doing half the job, but let's give it a shot.

#22 | Fixed Villager Crop Farm
After hours of fiddling with redstone I have a system to fix the automatic minecraft villager crop farm. Let's just flush our problems away.

#23 | Micro Farm, Wheat, Cocoa Beans, Carrots, Potatoes
Time to speed up crop production on the farm with this great little mirco farm build. With a bit of red stone and bone meal, we can grow a lot of wheat and also cocoa beans. Also a few skyblock tasks.

#24 | Micro Flower Farm Generator, Sunflower
We need yellow flowers, for lots of yellow dye. We're going to make all the colours and finish another skyblock quest.

#25 | Minecart Item Transport
This build is for emptying multiple farms to a central collection stations using minecarts. Solutions to minecart loading, minecart unloading and forcing minecart to move on a timer. All items are transported using minecart chests and loading with hoppers and loading into more chests, with nicely colored track pipes.

#26 | Automatic Item Sorter
Time to collect and sort all the items from the minecraft farms into one location. This requires a lot of chests, redstone hopper filters and our trusty hopper minecarts. A bit of a long one due to some goofs and fixes.

#27 | Auto Cooked Chicken Farm
Everyone must have built one of these by now, the easiest way to get automatic food. But just in case you haven't built an auto cooked chicken farm here it is in skyblock form.

#28 | How to kill a Wither Boss ... maybe
Could this be an easy way to kill the Wither Boss. I've never done this battle before, mainly because I'm bad at these sort of things.

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How to kill a Wither Boss ... maybe - SkyBlock #28 : by aamche 05/01/2019 5:21:15 pmMay 1st, 2019

Could this be an easy way to kill the Wither Boss. I've never done this battle before, mainly because I'm bad at these sort of things.

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