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Creepocalypse: A Minecraft Movie Script (Would love to use it!)

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Creepocalypse is a Minecraft movie script that I wrote a while back. I've never been able to make it into a movie. If anyone is interested in working with me to get this produced, I'd love to help. Copying or distributing this without my permission is not allowed!


Characters: Bob (primary character #1, a 8-10 year old boy: young boy skin, can be teen if necessary) Joe (primary character #2, same age as Bob: same as Bob but with different colored hair) Kavlov (1st encounter, old Russian guy: basic old guy skin) Cynthia (2nd encounter, young girl: basic pretty girl skin)
Sylvestre (3rd encounter, sinister dude: guy skin, preferably with a mustache) Marion and Georgia (4th and 5th encounters, two middle-aged psychic women: two older women skins with different colored hair) ??? (6th encounter, unknown guy- enderman skin would be best) Chipiere (7th encounter, strong guy- basic strong guy skin) Notch (8th encounter, great emperor who became evil: notch skin) 5 random people (used in prologue as gamblers, creeper victims, one will be a ghast victim: random guy skins) Narrator (narrates: any kind of skin not already used) NOTE: narrator can be one of the five random people if necessary.


Narrator: It was a dark and stormy night, and citizens were tossing in their beds, wondering why it wasn't dawn yet, and dreaming up answers. Someone
had just invented gambling and alcohol drinking, so a peaceful night's sleep would never be an option from then on. Humans had prepared themselves for
such a situation by crafting armor and weaponry, but until then there had been no use for them and the armories had decayed. The foul creatures we call
hostile mobs creeped out from amongst the shadows, feeling no need to worry about the humans. They began to ravage the population, but some of the wise
people remembered the armories, and the attacks subsided. but there was one threat that was unstoppable. The mighty creeper. Obsidian a not in use and to the common man it was a thing of mythology. So buildings were decimated, and mighty cities were reduced to rubble in the blink of an eye. The humans
fought back to the best of their ability, but it was no use. Everything was wrecked and the valiant citizens who defended their homeland became mounds of ash, to blow through the wind. those who survived the event deemed the Creepocalypse had scattered themselves across the planet to evade the green beasts. But the remains of humanity had not been defeated. two brave young men with the extremely unique names of Bob and Joe were determined to seek out the survivors and unite them, so that they could find a new world and bring back the human race, and reclaim their home from the wicked creepers.

Prologue skit (no taking except for narrator)

"and citizens were tossing and turning in their beds, wondering why it wasnt dawn yet, and dreaming up answers."

(during this time they show a Random Guy in a bed sleeping)

"Someone had just invented gambling and alcohol drinking, so a peaceful night's sleep would never be an option from then on."

(during this time they show 4 Random Guys sitting around a table holding paper. in a clockwise direction starting with the guy on the right, they throw on the table an iron ingot, a gold ingot, an emerald, and a block of diamond.)

"The foul creatures we call hostile mobs creeped out from amongst the shadows, feeling no need to worry about the humans. They began to ravage the population,"

(during this time they show a skeleton and a zombie running after a Random Guy)

"but some of the wise people remembered the armories, and the attacks subsided."

(during this time they show 4 Random Guys coming back to the skeleton and zombie with iron chestplates on and iron swords in hand. they kill the zombie and skeleton.)

"but there was one threat that was unstoppable. The mighty creeper. Obsidian a not in use and to the common man it was a thing of mythology. So buildings were decimated, and mighty cities were reduced to rubble in the blink of an eye. The humans fought back to the best of their ability, but it was no use. Everything was wrecked and the valiant citizens who defended their homeland became mounds of ash, to blow through the wind."

(during this time they show the armored Random Guys charging at the mobs, until they find a creeper. then they run away. the creeper pursues them, and they come to a dead end. the creeper blows up and sets off a load of tnt in the street and buildings.)

(the screen is black for the rest of the prologue.)

ACT 1: And so it begins.
(a set of sixteen small, ruined houses with green lawns and a few trees around the area)
Narrator: in the small town of Craftville, Arkansas, in the country of The United States of America, The first of the Creepocalypse survivors awakens.

Bob: (in a bed in a mostly destroyed building): Wow, that was the best sleep I've had in ages! Well, better go to Joe's house. He said he'd give me my enderman action figure back today!

(Bob gets out of bed, goes to a chest and grabs a water bottle and an apple, and continues to walk out of the house. he eats the apple and drinks the water, throwing the glass into a giant chasm that just opened up, setting off some tnt. He takes a few more steps, turns, and goes into another mostly destroyed house.)

Bob: Hey Joe!

Joe: Hey Bob.

Bob: Where's my enderman action figure?

Joe: Um...

Bob: What did you do to it?

Joe: i did nothing. i was playing with it, and it just teleported away.

Bob: it probably didnt like your playing style.

Joe: Whatever. hey, do you notice that there's less people around here?

Bob: duh. today's tuesday. they're all at work.

Joe: I've been awake since 6 AM and no cars have passed by.

Bob: hah! You've never gotten up before 12!

Joe: I heard lots of screaming and loud noises last night. I couldn't sleep.

Bob: Maybe something is up... you're a hard sleeper.

Joe: let's go talk to Mrs. Buttersby! she'll know if something happend!

Bob: Splendid idea!

(the duo walks a bit, climbs over some rubble without thinking about it, and goes to a completely demolished house.)

Bob and Joe together: Oh Mrs. Buttersby!

Bob (after several seconds): Um...

Joe: She's not there.

Bob (comeing to his senses): What happened to her house!?!

Joe (looking around): what happened to the neighborhood!?!

Bob and Joe (looking at each other with horror): CREEPERS!

Bob and Joe: We've got to get out of here!

(the two split up and run to their houses, grabbing whatever they can get. Bob gets ten Apples and ten water bottles, and Joe gets 5 Cookies and a wooden sword)

Bob: Ok, i got some food and water! we'll need it if we're going somewhere far away.

Joe: i got some cookies and a wooden sword. just in case i need some sugar, or if theres a monster in our way.

Bob: i heard that there's a library in the next town over. maybe we can fnd out more about what's going on!

(the duo sets off on a broken cobblestone road. screen fades.)

ACT 2: the first encounter

(Bob and joe arrive in a slightly bigger, but just as destroyed, set of homes. the homes are built around a large library that is mostly destroyed and on fire. it has a fallen stone pillar across it.)

Bob: well, here we are!

Joe: it's in the same condition as craftville.

Bob: Let's go check out the library. it's not completely destroyed.

Joe: Ok.

(they walk up to the library and start looking through the books.)

Bob: Hey, i found something! it's called "the history of creepers".

Joe: what's it say?

Bob: it says, "creepers are human-sized green things that blow up." thats it.

Joe: that's helpful.

Bob: let's keep looking.

(they continue to look at the bookshelves without much luck.)

Joe: there's nothing here.

(a stone tablet (slab) is thrown under the stone pillar to Bob.)

Bob: I found something!

Joe: Is it more descriptive than the last book?

Bob: yeah! it actually explains what happened.

Joe: read it!

Bob: it's really hard to read. looks like the ancient Cursive text. probably some old person wrote it. It says:
Gambling...invented...no sleep...attacked...creepers...destroyed all...

Joe: Anything else?

Bob: in the bottom right corner it says, "written by the guy on the other side of the pillar." i wonder what that could mean?

Joe: i dont know. lets go look on the other side of the pillar.

(they walk around the stone pillar to the other side.)

Bob: Woah. its an old guy!

(punches Bob) Joe: dude, have some respect!

Bob: Sorry. hello there! we're Bob and Joe, survivors of the Creepocalypse you wrote about, and would like you to join us on our search to find the other humans that are still alive.

Kavlov: it's no use...i'd only hinder you two...

Joe: but, we need you to come with us!

Bob: We need your wisdom and guidance!

Kavlov: i...am in no condition for such a journey...

Joe: i have cookies!

Kavlov: deal! ill join you two on your quest! I can sense life coming from that direction. (points to where bob and joe came from)

Bob: Um...

Kavlov: no, not in your town! farther south. this will give you two to gather more supplies if you can find any. Let's Go!

(kavlov munches on a cookie.)

(the trio heads back on the broken cobblestone path at sunset. Screen fades.)

ACT 3: The True Trek begins

(the trio comes back to craftville. the three roam through the town trying to find supplies, but find nothing.)

Bob: well, we got nothing else.

Joe: I guess we gotta keep going.

Kavlov: the life signs are a bit farther...

(the three continue to trek on the long broken cobblestone road. large wheat farms on both sides of the road are on fire. They eventually come upon two broken-looking towers on the side of the road.)

Bob: guys, we're about to cross the mexican border...

Joe: get used to it. who knows where we'll have to go!

Kavlov: The life signs are coming from the town right over there. (he points to a small hill in the distance.)

Bob: it looks like it's in perfect condition!

Joe: odd. let's check it out.

(the three climb the hill to the village.)

Bob: arrows everywhere!

Kavlov: It must've been a skeleton invasion. this town doesn't have an armory.

Joe: well, we should be able to find food here!

(they roam through the village looking in chests for food. after searching the village, they meet back up at the entrance.)

Bob: I found 10 melons!

Joe: I found 5 loaves of bread!

Kavlov: i found a bow with which we can defend ourselves. there's plenty or arrows around.

Mystrious Voice: Umm... what are you doing here?

(Turn around) Bob and Joe: Woah! who are you? I guess Kavlov was right!

Kavlov: actually i was joking, but, i guess i wasn't after all...

Cynthia: I'm Cynthia. What are your names?

Bob: I'm Bob.

Joe: i'm Joe.

Kavlov: My name is Kavlov.

Bob: We've been searching for those who survived the Creepocalypse. we're hoping you will join us in our journey.

Cynthia: it's quite boring around here. i don't see why not. what is this Creepocalypse of which you speak?

(the three look at each other, wondering how she didn't know.)

Joe: well, miss, it appears that the creepers did not impact your village. however, they ravaged the rest of the world.

Cynthia: Oh, so it was creepers that got all of you? well, they're so easy to defeat. all it takes is a little water! But those skeletons. they're just too strong.

Kavlov: Skeletons are easy. all u have to do is rush at them before they can fire.

Bob: how does water help defeat creepers?

Cynthia: it prevents them from damaging blocks. still affects humans, though.

Joe: oh ok. So, ready to continue the journey?

Cynthia: I have some food and armor hidden away in my cellar. I'll go get them and we can depart.

(cynthia goes into a house and comes back a few minutes later. she gives an iron chestplate to each of the guys, then puts one on herself. The group then crosses through the town and exits. Screen fades.)

ACT 4: The Corrupted Experiment

(The group treks through the desert. after a while, they reach a small tropical village with a large stone brick building on an island close to the village.)

Kavlov: I am definitely sensing life here.

Bob: are you joking?

Joe: He's not. i can feel it too. more than one presence...

Cynthia: Yes... But most are very faint... like there is some sort of attack going on right now... we best be careful.

(they approach the village. most of the buildings are on fire and have been victims of explosions.one of the random people will be the Ghast victim here.)

Bob: most of the village is on fire!

Joe: it looks like there's been a lot of explosions too!

(ghast comes in from the stone brick building. it fires at a vilager, lighting his house on fire and igniting tnt in the house.

Cynthia: thats definitely not a creeper.

Kavlov: Wow. i never though i'd see one. it is the mighty Ghast, talked about only in mythology. It is said to dwell in the great region known as the Nether.

Bob: so, it shouldn't be here?

Kavlov: no it shouldn't. I hope it's artificial... otherwise we would have no hope.

Cynthia: well, it came from that huge stone building. why dont we go check it out?

Joe: let's tread carefully.

(the group goes to what looks like a dock a finds four boats there. they each take a boat and ride to the island. they get out of their boats and meet at the door.)

Cynthia: can we come in please?

(no response. only grunting sounds are heard.)

Bob: Maybe nobody's home?

Kavlov: someone has to be in there to spawn that ghast! he's probably your average mad scientist type. hates company.

Joe: Look! what are those pig-things?

Kavlov: Those... are zombie pigmen, another nether creature. they wont hurt you unless you hurt them. they're also supposed to be really fast.

Cynthia: They're still creepy.

Bob: it's the only way.

Joe: how do we get inside?

Kavlov: just wait.

(they sit there for a few seconds. finally some tnt falls from upstairs. it destroys the entryway and those guarding it.)

Cynthia: nice greeting service.

Bob: well, lets go in!

(they climb up what's left of the stairs, pushing past quite a few zombie pigmen.)

Unknown Voice: Whaddaya want? if your not the pizza delivery guy, go away!

Bob: If you truly are a human and not some artifical nether beast, we would like you to join us on our journey to find the survivors of the Creepacolypse.

Unknown Voice: Why should I?

Joe: We'd like to save humanity from the evil clutches of the creeper!

Sylvestre: Then I see we have the same intentions. My name is Sylvestre. Get back in your cage Blazy!

(Someone inside the cage uses a fishing rod to pull the blaze into the cage. then sylvestre pulls a lever and closes the door)

Kavlov: A blaze. interesting. where do you keep the magma cubes?

Slyvestre: Master Not- I mean, I have no use for magma cubes. I have introduced myself. who are you?

Bob: i'm Bob.

Joe: I'm Joe.

Kavlov: My name is Kavlov.

Cynthia: Cynthia is my name.

Sylvestre: first thigs first, how did you get in?

Joe: some tnt fell and blew up the door.

Sylvestre: Ill have to talk with Horatio, my weapons expert, and Bert, my doorkeeper, about that. Secondarily, how did you get past my guards?

Kavlov: Most of them blew up in the explosion. you do realize zombie pigmen arent naturally aggressive, right?

Sylvestre: i knew that. Anyway, These nether creatures have to be taken to master not- i mean, a place where they can be studied by others.

Cynthia: there are no others. You're hiding something.

Sylvestre: I'll tell you later. when do we embark on this quest?

Bob: Whenever you're ready.

(sylvestre goes into another room and comes back a few moments later.)

Sylvestre: Let us depart.

(the group exits the stone tower. Screen Fades.)

ACT 5: More Than Meets The Eye

(The group is walking through the desert to the left of the tropical village. They come to a big river.)

Kavlov: I'm not feeling anything around here.

Sylvestre: Well, let's cross the river!

Bob: I don't See any boats around here.

Sylvestre: that's why i brought these. They're teleportation devices i invented.

(sylvestre gives an ender pearl to each member.)

Sylvestre: Throw it as far as you can to the other shore.

(they all throw their ender pearls and land on a broken stone (not cobblestone) path.)

Kavlov: Now I'm feeling something!

Cynthia: It's coming from that huge city over there!

(they walk into the same city used in the prologue.)

Joe: Hello?

(waits a few moments.)

bob: you really expect that to work? It hasn't worked so far...

sylvestre: It's coming from that direction! (points to the largest building)

Kavlov: There's two of them. what a coincidence!

(they walk in the direction of the building. they all step on stone pressure plates that ignite loads of tnt behind them, destroying the road from which they came.)

Cynthia: I think i see them!

(they run up to where two women are.)

bob: hello there! we're on a quest to find the survivors of the Creepocalypse. Will you join us?

(no response.)

bob: hello there! we're on a quest to find the survivors of the Creepocalypse. will you join us?

Marion: Sorry, I was just arguing with my friend Georgia about how the city blew up. My name's Marion.

Joe: But you weren't saying anything!

Georgia: We're psychics. We have feelings about the other person in our heads and expect the other person to read our mind. it works about 45% percent of the time.

Marion: since we're not getting anything done around here, we'll join you on your quest. what are your names?

bob: i'm bob.

Joe: I'm Joe.

Kavlov: My name is Kavlov.

Cynthia: Cynthia is my name.

Sylvestre: they call me Sylvestre.

Georgia: well, nice to meet you all! where are we going?

Bob: not entirely sure. We're trying to find the survivors of the Creepocalypse.

Marion: i hear that the great country of Sweden had quite a few survivors. lets go!

Cynthia: Sweden? i hear the great dictator Notch rules there. Some say he is bent on world domination!

Kavlov: He can't be too strong. what's left to dominate?

(the group then heads past the large building out of the city and travel on a broken stone (not cobblestone) path.

ACT 6: The Grand Finale

(The group is walking, and after a while the road becomes a smooth diamond block road.)

Kavlov: we're getting close to something grand!

Cynthia: The mighty emporer Notch's castle!

Georgia: there it is!

(they all look upon a mighty golden castle.)

Bob: wow.

Joe: wow.

Marion: well lets go in! time's a-wasting!

(they head in the castle. the iron gates are held open.)

Sylvestre: here, take these to emporer Notch.

(Sylvestre throws a blaze egg, a zombie pigmen egg, and a ghast egg at ???. they all turn and look at him.)

Cynthia: who are you talking to?

(an all-black man with glowing eyes steps out of the shadows (a black wool wall). )

Sylvestre: a friend of mine.

Joe: what did he give you, sir?

???: ...

Sylvestre: he can't speak. it's just a gift to let emporer Notch know we have arrived.

(??? runs off towards the castle. when he gets there he gives the eggs to chipiere.)

bob: it cant be too bad. let's go inside!

(they enter the castle.)

Notch: welcome to my humble abode!

Bob: We have searched all the lands for those who survived the Creepocalypse.It appears you are the last to be found.

Notch: i have no desire to leave this world! instead, i wish to BURN IT TO NOTHINGNESS!

Chipiere: Shall i release the eggs, Master Notch?

Notch: Yes, chipiere. Sylvestre, come with me. Chipiere, make sure they're DEAD!

Sylvestre: of course, Master.

Chipiere: yes, Master.

(Notch and sylvestre walk away, to behind the throne.)

Kavlov: so sylvestre was working for-

(chipiere opens the eggs.)

Marion: No time for that! we must fight!

(marion and georgia begin punching chipiere. chipiere punches at them. Joe attacks and kills the zombie pigmen with his wooden sword, then proceeds to help bob and cynthia, who are throwing snowballs at the blaze. Kavlov shoots his bow and arrows twice at the gahst and kills it. he then begins firing at chipiere. the battle continues until chipiere, the zombie pigman, blaze and ghast are gone.)

Bob: well, that was easy! good idea to get the snowballs, Cynthia!

Cynthia: thank you.

Notch: So, you survived that, eh? well, you wont survive THIS!

(notch pulls a lever and a 9x2 hole opens up where the group is standing and they fall in.)

(after they hit the bottom) Kavlov: thanks notch! we needed a bath!

(speaking to sylvestre) notch: and here is the portal to the new world i have discovered!

sylvestre: it's amazing!

(meanwhile, thegroup waas climbing back up on some ladders. when sylvestre says, "it's amazing!", they reach the top.)

kavlov: new world, eh?

notch: stubborn fools! you cant possibly grasp the concept of the nether!

cynthia: wait...i think i got it... it was YOU that caused the Creepocalpyse!

notch: why do you say that?

Joe: it's obvious! you just want to conquer the universe!

Marion: first the overworld, then the nether! you're taking hostile mobs, making them more powerful, and releasing them on the world! That's what you did with the creepers, and hat's what you're going to do with the ghast, zombie pigmen, and blazes!

Bob: why do you strive to destroy all that is the universe? In your effort to tame the earth, you have destroyed it!

notch: So what? there will always be more worlds to conquer! Muahahahahaha!

sylvestre: hey, um, master notch, i think i hear your leftover creeper fleet coming back!

notch: nonsense! they're all dead!

(to the group) Cynthia: i can hear them too! jump in the water!

(they all jump back down the 2x9 trap. Then 4 creepers come and blow up tnt in notch's throne and destroys the whole castle.)

Kavlov: i found a chest in here!

bob: what's it got in it?

Kavlov: looks like flint and steel. used for lighting fires... and nether portals!

Georgia: i think it's safe. let's climb back up.

(they climb up the ladder. all that remains is the empty nether portal.

Kavlov: since there is nothing left here on this earth, let us go into this new land, where hopefully resources are just as abundant!

(kavlov lights the nether portal and they all jump in. screen fades.)


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Added world download! lol jk.

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