Deer: Original Series {Part 3}

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He didn't dare look behind him, he just kept running. Running... Running... But the foot steps got closer and closer. He couldn't run away! He took a sudden turn, and... WOOSH! He fell down a hole! Slid and slid... And he finally ended up in a giant green forest. But, this forest was different. All the animals, bunny's, Squirrels, and more were just staring at him. As if they were expecting him.
He was creeped out. This didn't make sense! First, some little girl finds him, then he runs away and falls in a Hole!? What next!? But, then it got weirder. "Hi! Welcome to the Land of Arkania!" The little bunny Directed. The bunny is talking? "U-uum.... HI. I am from Earth." He stammered. "Um... So are we! Welcome! You must be from a different Earth! The one across the Universe!" This was weird. "Um... cool! Rock... on?" He guessed. "Um... Okay! Oh my gosh! Look behind you! Its the princess! Welcome back!" He looked behind him. This little girl, the Princess? "Oh, um hi. I'm the princess?" The little girl Stammered. "Oh yes! Come, come! We shall dress you up!" The bunny announced, looking down at the girl's ragged clothing. "Oh, yes! New cloths!" Then the girl went on with the young bunny.
He was REALLY creeped out now. He looked down at the squirrels, just as another body crashed into him. "Aaah!" "Uoff!!" They rolled off into a small puddle. Soaking wet they stood up, and looked at each other. The one who had chased him off! "Well, theres no going back now! Woohoo!" It was the really shy one who wasn't exited for his leadership. "Hey, what was up with you sobbing in a corner while I was being announced leader!?" "U-uum.... I don't really like other Deer. N-not to mention you taking on my Dream!" The other Deer shouted. "Your Dream!? To become something you didn't work for!? Oh pah-lease! you don't deserve it!" The other Deer looked stunned. "W-what!? I do!" He yelled back. Then some wolves Howled in the distance, and he saw rustling in the bushes.
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