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Download Minecraft ERR312

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KarenVili's Avatar KarenVili
Level 71 : Legendary Miner
This lost version of Minecraft is really scary as you will notice that something is walking near you, and you just can’t see it, but it is there watching you.

However you will not encounter any hostile entity at any time, as you do in versions like Error422 or Alpha 0.0.0.

You will turn around many times while walking through your world as you will feel footsteps following you and there will simply be nothing behind you.

Be careful when walking through your world as zombies will pop up randomly and in broad daylight, not to mention that hostile mobs are really strong in this version, as well as all alpha versions.

Download this version by clicking on the download button. How to play this version? put it in %appdata% roaming betacraft versions folder, start betacraft and you will be able to play it.

}Download HERE

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