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Dundus - Mutated Genie

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Level 51 : Grandmaster Professor
I started a new series of blog and wiki information about my modifications. I will be sharing with you information about bosses and mobs from my mods almost every day.Also, I will be making spoilers about upcoming updates.
This is Dundus-magic genie.
425 HP
20 armor
34 DMG
He is resistant to knockback. His attack has 5 knockback points.
Sometimes he SPAWNS tornadoes.
Boss Difficulty : Above Normal
Mod: Villagers and Monsters Legacy
Made by: Me and Krapsy
Recommended equipment: Ancient Pig Armor + Enchant Protection minimum 3 + Enchanted Apple minimum x2 + some good sword + enchants
Spawn: Pig End 🐽
This is one of the stronger bosses in Pig End. Watch out for its powerful knockback👊
If you want to support me in what I do, you can:
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CreditKrapsy and Me

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