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Economy/Towny Conquest Server Idea

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This article is about my idea for an awesome Towny/Economy Minecraft Server. It will focus on the main idea and a few tips to make it better. I have no clue on how to make a server and/or install plugins on it.

Main Idea
The server should be a capitalist economy, with one main goal. Obtain as much land as possible, and create a mighty nation. A player would achieve this by traveling far from spawn, then ask to buy a plot of land. Then he or she would start selling their land to other players. Then those players who buy the land within the plot, will build stores or houses. When the cycle continues, the village will slowly grow into a mighty kingdom.

Getting Started
A player would obtain capital in a "spawn city/nation" which would have a server shop with overpriced goods. That should make players want to leave and make their own shops or at least go to someone else's. There could be cheap apartments in the spawn city to give new players a place to stay, then move out to larger, player-owned establishments. Then eventually a player will have enough money to buy a plot of land.

Daily Life and Obtaining Capital
If you know anything about economics, you should know that you need a lot of money to start. Eventually, turning a profit. A player would start by buying a cheap apartment. Then. join a job(which requires a plug-in). Earn enough money from that job to set up a business. After the business starts doing well the player should save up to buy a large plot of land elsewhere.

Buying Land
A player should try to find a business that will sell him one of their plots of land. If such a business doesn't exist, the player should craft/buy a boat and travel far away from spawn. A warp plugin should be installed to make far away lands more accessible. Then, ask a moderator to set up the land for purchase. The player would then buy the land from the server, in a sense, and begin setting it up for business. Then the player will create some infrastructure, like roads and a makeshift shop, and begin selling smaller plots within his/her plot. Eventually, turn a small village into a mighty nation!


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