Empire Reborn: Chapter 3 - Ambush

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The third part of my new blog story and upcoming animated series. Please give honest feedback if you read.
Make sure you've read Chapter 1 - The Stranger and Chapter 2 - Training.

Chapter 3: Ambush

Alden had been with the Arcan refugees for four days. He was beginning to familiar with the people there. For the first time in his life, he felt like he actually felt like he belonged. Everyone here lacked a home, just like him.

His training was going well. Lionel had allowed Alden to stay with them for now, but was still hesitant to let him be a part of the assault on Arcan, which he knew was coming soon.

It was noon, and the sun was shining brightly. Alden and Yaila were sparring in the camp training grounds.

“Just curious,” Alden asked. “Why do you wear a cape?”

“What do you mean?” Yaila replied in confusion.

“You’re the only one here wearing a cape.”

Yaila paused for a while before answering, almost seeming offended. “It’s for tactical purposes.”

“How is it tactical?”

Yaila turned around sharply, and her cape flew into Alden’s face, disorienting him. When the cape left his field of view, a fist followed shortly after, flying into Alden’s face. The surprise attack knocked him to the ground.

“That’s how.” Yaila abruptly left.

Alden picked himself up, surprised at the sudden outburst. Yaila was committed to the cause, calm and calculated. She seemed to be almost without emotion. He wasn’t sure if this burst of emotion was normal for her.

Lionel walked up behind him.

“You asked her about the cape, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yah, ouch,” Alden held his sore arm, “What gives?”

“I don’t know. She’s highly protective of it, and gets offended whenever someone asks. And as you can tell, you don’t want her offended.”

“Would it have killed you to tell me that?”

The sun had just set below the horizon. The sky turned bright red, and then pitch black. The night was very dangerous, and guards were posted on the edges of the camp.

A shadowy figure emerged from forest and made its way to one of the tents. It reached out a golden sword, preparing to stab it into an unsuspecting sleeping soldier.

A patrolling archer caught sight of the figure, and fired his bow, knocking over the attacker. It was a zombie pigman.

“We’re under attack!” The archer shouted.

“Well, we can throw stealth out the window,” a voice boomed. A much larger Zombie Pigman stepped out of the shadows, raising his weapon, an iron flail. “Charge!”

A horde of Zombie Pigmen emerged from the forest from all sides. But the refugees were now awake, and emerged from their tents with weapons in hand.

Yaila emerged from her tent at lighting speed, cutting down an unsuspecting pigman.

The giant Pigman crashed through the tents, making its way to the center tent. Lionel’s tent. Lionel emerged fully armored with his sword drawn. He saw his opponent, and was shocked and surprised.

“Beast Pig? Last I saw you, I thought I cut you in half!”

“You did, and it hurt, a lot. But it’s a lot easier to recover from that sort of trauma when you’re already dead!”

Lionel ran towards Beast Pig and leaped at him. Beast Pig avoided his sword, and slammed his massive fist into Lionel’s chest. His armor protected him from any harm, but the sheer force knocked him back into another tent.


In the middle of the scuffle, Alden found slaying the Zombie Pigmen very easy especially since they weren’t as small as spiders. It was just like mining ores, except these ores moved and didn’t want to be hit. He’d taken out four, and felt pretty proud of himself.

He looked to his left and saw Yaila, taking on a massive hoard of pigmen; at least ten. She was handling them pretty well, but he could tell she was getting overwhelmed as they circled her. He couldn’t run to help her in time, so he threw his axe in her direction.

Spinning through the air, the axe flew just to the right of Yalia’s face, taking out a pigman behind her. She was momentarily stunned, but the pigmen were even more stunned, which gave her the distraction she needed, and they were quickly reduced to bacon.

Yaila looked over at Alden in anger. “You almost killed me!” she yelled.

“Your welcome!” Alden replied sarcastically.


Lionel got back on his feet, just as Beast Pig swung his flail in his direction. Lionel swung his sword in vain, as Beast Pig avoided each attack. Another punch hit Lionel square in the chest again, sending him flying to the edge of the camp, near the edge of a cliff. He was so stunned, and wasn’t getting up.

“You’re pathetic!” Beast Pig proclaimed as he walked towards his prey. “You beat me the first time by sheer luck. But now that we are in a fair fight, it seems that I am superior.” He raised his flail to deal the final blow.


Yaila and Alden were now fighting back to back. The pigmen just kept coming, and he soon realised that there probably wasn’t enough refugee soldiers to combat them all.

Finally, a break emerged in the hoard, and he could see Lionel fighting the bigger Pigman, and getting beat badly. Instinctively he ran towards him, grabbing a piece of wood laying on the ground.

The flail descending down towards it’s victim, but never landed. Alden leaped in front of the flail, blocking it with the wood plank. But the force knocked him down beside Lionel.

“You fool!” Beast Pig laughed. He punched Alden in the face, knocking him off the cliff. He plunged into the rushing river below. He surfaced, grabbing the wood to float on, but the brute force to his head was too much, and before he knew it, he was slipping into unconsciousness.

Next Chapter - Rescued

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