Empire Reborn: Chapter 2 - Training

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The second part of my new blog story and upcoming animated series. Please give honest feedback if you read.
Make sure you've read Chapter 1 - The Stranger

Chapter 2: Training

The next day, Alden was feeling much better. He had regained most of his strength, and was ready. Alden got up out of his bed, and looked around the camp. There were several tents set up around, and at least thirty people. Lionel’s tent was in the center, and the medical tent was right next to it. The camp was positioned on a hillside cliff, making it very hard to attack.

During the last day, Alden had been filled in by the medics on the history of recent events.

A long time ago, Arcan kingdom with the most powerful kingdom in the land. But then one day, 16 years ago, a group of monsters larger than what had ever been seen before, attacked the kingdom, with help from someone on the inside. The kingdom was quickly overrun. The king’s family was supposedly killed during the siege, and the king committed suicide shortly after.

The survivors fled to get help from neighboring kingdoms, only to find the same thing was happening everywhere. Everywhere they went, we found only remnants of the nearby kingdoms, all victim to the same fate.

However, not all the king’s family had been killed. His son Lionel had survived by pure luck. He was only five at the time, and was trapped under rubble for two days. But afterwards, a group of traders heading to the city to trade found the ruins, and Lionel. Shortly after that, the ruins began to be taken by monsters, who still held a strong foothold there today.

Since then, the people of the land had reorganized themselves into towns. But monsters ruled the countryside, and the only law in the land was a few warlords who had managed to survive the siege. While some were good and helped out the refugees, many were greedy, and no longer had any kings to keep them in check.

That was one of Lionel’s goals once Arcan kingdom was reestablished, to get the warlords back in line. He also hoped that it would inspire other fallen kingdoms to do the same.

Alden went out to the training area at the end of the camp. He saw Yaila near some stacks of hay set up on top of some logs. She drew her two swords out, a stood still for a while.

Suddenly she yelled, leaped at the stacks, and began cutting the stacks down. She moved so fast that all Alden could see was a blur. Within seconds all of the fifteen stacks had been cut in two.

“Wow!” Alden said.

“Oh hey!” Yaila said, “You ready to start?”


“Okay,” Yaila put her swords away and picked up two staffs off the ground. She threw one to Alden.

“First, let’s establish your offensive capabilities. Strike at me.”

Alden moved forward, lifting his staff above his head, and slamming it down on top of Yaila. She blocked it, but fell over backward.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” Alden replied

“No. That’s good. I’m fine,” Yaila replied. She got back up. “Again.”

Alden swung again. Yaila blocked it again, but this time was only knocked back a little bit. Alden swung a few more times and was blocked. Then he swung from the side, knocking Yaila over.

“Impressive,” she said picking herself up, “but I’m beginning to notice a pattern. Try blocking my strikes.”

Yaila swung from the side. Alden blocked her strike, but then she thrusted her staff forward into Alden’s stomach.

“You never used a quick thrust to attack.”

“Is that bad?” Alden groaned in pain.

“No. Not necessarily. Let's continue.”


After a few hours of sparring, Alden and Yaila were in the armory tent, getting Alden a weapon.

“So, which sword should I get?” Alden asked.

“I don’t think you're a sword type person,” Yaila said, “You do long heavy swings when you attack, and tend to block with the space between your hands. Where did you get your combat experience?”

“From fighting spiders in the mines,” Alden answer.

“And what did you fight with?” Yaila asked.

“My pickaxe.”

“That explains your fighting style,” Yaila opened a chest, and took an iron axe out. “Here. I think you’ll find this more to your liking.”

Alden took the axe, and held it. It felt a lot like his pickaxe, just slightly heavier on one side. He swung it just to get a feel for it.

“So, does this mean I’m good enough to stay?” Alden asked?

“It means you’re good enough that I don’t think I need to watch you all the time.” replied Yaila, “but you still have a long way to go.”


Out in the forest, two figure stood in the shadows, looking over the camp.
“Time to tell the boss,” one snorted, “we found ‘em.”

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