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Evil Minecraft Mod

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Dark_Resident avatar Dark_Resident
Level 33 : Artisan Spelunker
So, this new mod was on the front page of the Minecraft Forums, so I decided to check it out, since I recently found out how to install mods. My first play-through didn't go so well. After multiple deaths from Creeper-pigs, I learnt it was not worth collecting "cactus green". Creeper-pigs aren't the only new mob, there are also Boars, (pigs that attack you if hungry enough) and Giant Chickens. You may be thinking, "Giant Chickens? That sounds easy." Trust me--they're not. They spawn GROW at night-time and are worse than ghasts. They shoot 5 fireballs, to the ghasts' 1. I had a few laughs, as I coaxed one into firing at me, only to jump out of the way and let the fireballs hit another one. I let them duke it out before I decided it was best I slept for the night.
Creeper spawn rates also seem to have gone up. In a few short minutes, I had enough TNT to remove a mountain. It was with that TNT that I build my home--into the side of a mountain.
Seeing that the only new thing from this mod was the mobs, I would only recommend it if you like mobs. And TNT.

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