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Eynnom Interviews #16

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Eynnom avatar Eynnom
Level 36 : Artisan Blob
Interview with Jtastic
Question Giver Eynnom

1. What inspired you to join PMC?
My brother got it And it looked interested I was looking for a Mineraft community.

Nice story

2. What do you usually post?
Skins and wall posts. :D


3. Can you tell something about you?
I love cat there awesome! and My Minecraft dream is to be one of the best Hive players :D


4.What's your interests?

Gaming, reading and cooking I guess! :D

So how about reading a cooking game describtion XD
Jj, sounds cool

5.What languages do you know?

Sad, that you know only one, but at least you could talk with most of us

6. What is your personal opinion? (what do you think about yourself)
I don't really know. :(


7.Do you have any social medias? (instagram, deviantart etc.)

I have twitter for just following The Hive MC and I have Instagram :D


8. What's your favourite Mob?
Drowned! :D

Nice, but sad that only Zombies can become one

9. Creative or survival?
I prefer survival but I like PVP more then both of them. :D

PVP is good, but only if the second person wants it too ;)

10. Favourite game version
What do you mean by game version I play on 1.16 bedrock. :D

I meant game version like 1.7.10, (IDK IF WHAT GAME DO YOU PLAY: BEDROCK, POCKET OR OTHER)

11. Favourite MC food
Carrots and cooked porkchops.

Sounds suspicious for some reasons

12. Dream job?
Umm I don't know.


13. Hated mob?
You mean in game or just one I hate? in game Phantoms and I like them all!

I meant in game :)

14. Favourite Games
Minecraft and Stardew valley.


15. Favourite Block/s
Diamond ore and wool

Yes, these blocks are awesome, good that diamond ore got untouched by the newest update :)

16. Useless Block
Coal block never really found a use for them. :D

I use them a lot, it's better for me and it can be used to burn a lot of things

Thank you for the interview
Sorry if it took so long, I haven't how

02/18/2021 6:30 am
Level 35 : Artisan Magical Girl
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02/18/2021 6:35 am
Level 36 : Artisan Blob
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Thank you
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