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FallenTech Server Review

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Hey everyone, its been a while since i've been posting i don't have lots of time anymore. Anyways I want to talk about a popular skyblock server called fallentech, I just wanna say the good things about this server.

When I first started back in the very beginning of season 2, I was surprised about everything. And now its season 3, i talked to a few admins and people but not the Infern (owner of the server) since I dont see him online. And i listed the good things and bad things about this server:

Good things:
1. many people love the server that it gets a bit crowded lol, but on average 40-50 people are online on the server.
2. When you start your skyblock island, you will see a tree, a chest, and a cobble stone generator (it generates ores too) set up for you, and your goal is to level up and expand your island.
3. If you wanna pvp and if you wanna go to an arena to battle, theres a warzone, dropparty, and a koth event, or you can 1v1 a friend, and every 20 or less minutes usefull items spawn at warzone and dropparty.
4. You sometimes earn crate keys by voting, leveling up your island, killing people, etc. You can use those keys to unlock crates at /crates which can give you nice loot for pvp, your island, etc.
5. There are nice people to talk to and many people start joining everyday.
6. Youtubers love the server too, and even do survival lets plays on it for fun.

Bad things:
1. Usually the server has to restart to save everyone's progress, but it has to restart every 30 minutes which gets annoying to other players when there in a middle of something, it would be better to restart every hour instead.
2. There are hackers that mess up the server everyday in the warzone, dropparty, or just cheating on there islands. Admins try to ban them but the problem is that they are not always active which means hackers can mess whenever helpers and admins are not on.

But the skyblock server is super fun and super enjoyable, if but the server is only on windows 10 and pocket edition only. If you wanna see me there my username will be TaupeBlock23908, and you will see me with guest rank which i wish I had any rank besides that lol.

Server ip: Fallentech.tk

Port: Default
CreditTo the people who support the server.

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