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FNAF Story 6 - Frank Burt's Pizza: Death, Hybrids, No escape and Pizza

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Part I: Where everything begins

(I do not own FNAF, FNAF belogns to Scott Cawthon himself and TRTF belongs to PoniatorFilms himself!)

This story is a prequel, well ignore what I said on final chapter of the story. I won't make FNAF Story of Fazbear's Fright. I simply think FNAF is over, so there is nothing to do with it. I will make two prequel chapters.
 Let's start

It was morning 9am, the opening of new restaurant called "Frank Burt's Pizza"! After Fredbear's Family Diner closed down, this restaurant was new original idea of Fazbear Entertainment!

Boss: This restaurant is temporary. I decided to.
Empoloyee: Why?
Boss: Well, Fazbear Entertainment wants us to make a temporary restaurant that is reskin of Fredbear's Family Diner. 
Employee: And? It will stay for a while?
Boss: Yes, until Fazbear Entertainment won't find the money to fix the sister location.
Employee: So this restaurant is nothing?
Boss: No. I just want him to be temporary, he is not so good...

later at night...

Employee: Let's take a look at camera. Uh nothing much. Okay.

Meanwhile in Parts/Service room.

Fredbear (A springlock): Hey Spring Bonnie?

Spring Bonnie: Yeah?

Fredbear: I bit a kid. And I got replaced by stupid humanoid animatronic named "Frank Burt". Funny isn't it?

SpringTrap: You know how it feels to me being replaced by Kitty? These characters are outdated!

Fredbear: We can't now be entertainers. We unused now. We a decommision

SpringTrap: It's not over yet. At least we gonna be used again when Sister Location gonna re-open.

Fredbear: Who's that mask lying on floor?

SpringTrap: I don't know? Possibly some random animatronic...

After that incident Fredbear was sad. He blames himself for that.
(However did I said Fredber possesed here also?)

(I gonna later explain why not Golden Freddy appeared here)

next night, 4 am, location: Parts/Service room

Fredbear: Spring Bonnie! Wake up!

Spring Bonnie: Wha-a-at?

Fredbear: There's some suit floating!

SpringTrap and it doesn't have feet!

A suit takes mask and puts it on....

Marrionette look at Fredbear & Spring Bonnie

Marrionette: Well, hello there. I'm The Puppet, also known as The Marrionette. I am a first victim of Purple Man!  You both were possesed to? Right?

Fredbear: Yes we do.

Marrionette: I want to do a revenge to evil person called "Jester". He is an sick employee of Frank Burt's Pizza. Tommorow he gonna take a night shift. I want to stuff him in one of a suits. 

Evil Fredbear: Okay! I want also revenge on him. What we need to do?

Marrionette: Just like in a previous restaurant. Hunt down 'our' victims... muhahahahahah...

Fredbear and Spring Bonnie also laughted along with Marrionette and behind him was also an animatronic behind...

to be continued...

Thank you for reading guys! Sorry for my Bad English.

I will explain later about Golden Freddy and others being posses. Right now wait until new part won't come out. Hope you Enjoyed!


Night 1
Jester goes in safe room and hidding from patrol of F.F.D. mascots
Jester: Few.
...: Jester!
Jester *Worrying*: Who is that?
...: It's me, and it's time!
Jester: Oh no! PLEASE NO *slipped on paper and trapped in Frank Burt*
...: Muhahahahahahah!
Jester: Nooo! *Jester died inside of Frank Burt*
The Marrionette: Have you found him?
Mascots: Nope.
The Marrionette: Damn it...
next night
A secret room
The Marrionette arrives
"We found Jester dead inside of Frank Burt an-..." unknwon animatronic said "I don't care anymore about Jester... I just need to thank you"...
The Marrionette: So? Can I have it?
"Sure" said Unknown Animatronic and gives him an unknown item... "thanks" said The marrionette and teleported.

Next night! 11:58 AM

Child: Omg restaurant closing...

Teenager with Puppet Mask: Don't worry, friend. Let's hide somewhere. Let's go to storage room!
Child: Good idea! 
Children hidding in a storage room...

Later 12:00AM.
Teenager: We should add some lights here, damn it's so dark here! *adds lights*

Child *Worrying*: Who IS THAT!?!?
Teenager: Oh my... it's some kind of device...

Device started to twitch and lag

Child *Scared*: Omg he activated!
Torture Device: *Activates* Hel-l-l-lo chil-l-ldr-r-r-ren! My name is... TORTURE DEVICE!

Children screamed and ran from storage room!

Part III: Death, Hybrids, No escape and Pizza

Two kids tried to escape strange device however they got into dining area and they was shocked.
4:48 AM
Kid: AAA-
Teenager: Sss. Be quite.
Kid: It's... it's.... hybrids...
Teenager: I know you scared but I'm too let's go to Show Stage.
Children ran to show stage and teenager looked at Frank Burt...
Teenager: Hey go inside of Lockjaw.
Child: Wha-a-a-at?
Teenager: Quickly!
Child goes into Lockjaw/Frank Burt. "Run!" said by teenager who will try  to stop device and Child inside a suit ran to backstage...
"Come here!" said Teenager.
"Oh you don't hide. I'm not entertainer I'm you-r-r-r fea-a-a-ar..." Torture Device said quite and started to come closer to Teenager.
Teenager saw axe near and took it...
"Come t-t-t-to me-e-e-e-e-e" screamed Torture Device and tried jumpscare Teenager but failed, Teenager hitted Device's face by axe and Torture Device falled on wall and was destroyed a part...
"Hah... you now just mess of parts, gonna try to find my friend" said and ran to Backstage
Meanwhile... 5:28 AM
Child was scared but then someone said
"Look at me..."
Child was scared but looked at animatronic who had audio with sound of real human...
"Are you animatronic?" child started to worry and started to cry and then animatronic jumpscared him said "YOUR NOT ONE OF US...!" and suit crashed kid...
Teenager opened door to Backstage but it was too late. Animatronic ran away and child was killed inside the suit...
Teenager cried...

                                       The End
Don't worry there will be continuetion of story that will be a sequel and all animatronic will be present in that story. I might do Q&A about that. Thank you for reading.

Part IV - Ending...

later in 12:00 PM
Teenager kept crying since his friend died inside Frank Burt... he was rather upset however someone said... "I can help...". Teenager looked behind and was jumpscared... "You will regret this soon..." and unknown took his body in the dark! 
12:21 PM Police arrived, when they entered in Hybrids gone and they only found Torture Device parts, axe, child crushed inside Frank Burt suit but no night guard found... Frank Burt's Pizza closed down... forever...
Part V - Secret Found

 11:58 pm, Safe Room
(Green Guy) wakes up in Golden Lockjaw...
Golden Lockjaw: I hate him for that... I... gonna............ take... revenge soon...
Unknown Animatronic said "You are in a suit mode, fool. You cannot move unless teleport around... muhahahahahah..."

"Who are you? a Ghost?" said Golden Lockjaw, "Yes and No but I'm the one who wanted to stuff you inside. I activated Fredbear and that bunny..." said unknown animatronic...
"Why are you hidding in a dark?" siad Golden Lockjaw however unknown animatronic said "because I want to... it gives my victims more fears what will wait them in a darkness... want to work on me? If you agree then I promise to change suit mode to animatronic mode and you will take revenge on first victim you will find..."
"Sure.... I will do it but I need an army to catch my first victim it's not so easy..." said Golden Frank Burt/Lockjaw and Unknown Animatronic only smiled and from the dark came out Hybrid Freddy, Hybrid Chica and Hybrid Bonnie... "They will help you..." said unknown animatronic and gone in the dark!
12:14 AM
Golden Lockjaw: Bassically dining area is way to exit! BLOCK THE ENTERANCE AND THEN VICTIM GONNA FOLLOW SHOW STAGE TO BACKSTAGE!... well then I will kill my victim..." said Golden Lockjaw and Hybrids out from Backstage and secured Dining area...
2:00 AM
Child and Teenager ran away from Torture Device and blocked Party Room however Torture Device tried to enter in..
Teenager: Hey! Let's go inside the vent and we can get into the office and then we'll find an exit here...
Child agreed and they got into vents to office...
Meanwhile... 2:23AM
Teenager: We need to reach dining area to go back to exit! 
Child let's go then!
Then they heard some sounds from the vent...
Child: Damn it's that Torture Device again!
Teenager: Run!
They ran away throw corridors to find Dining Area
Then they reached main hallway
Child: Damn door locked...
Teenager: No problem! *Teenager hitted door several times and got into Dining Area...
Meanwhile in Backstage
*Child goes in the room*
Golden Lockjaw understood that it's exact victim he wants to kill! 
Golden Lockjaw said "Look at me...Are you animatronic? *Well to make Child think it's animatronic he screamed and jumped on him said* YOUR NOT ONE OF US...!"... 
After Teenager was also kill restaurant was already closed so management already bought new location so on night 2 they decided animatronics to stay and tommorow to take them to new location as decomissions...
Later.. Unknown Room...
Teenager woke up
Teenager: Oww... my head... I feel like I was stuffed in suit... oh what I done... he died... *sobs*
Unknown Animatronic said "Don't cry... he possesed the suit that killed him, so don't worry!"
Teenager questioned him "Who are you?" and then animatronic said
Unknown Animatronic: You'll find out soon... look at mirror I hope you like suit we stuffed you in...
When teenager looked at mirror he saw himself stuffed in darky Lockjaw suit...
Teenager: You... you monster... I WANTED TO LIVE NORMAL LIFE AND NOW I'M A DECOMISSION!" teenager shout but Unknown Animatronic calmed him down!
Unknown Animatronic: Hey! I'm also died in that suit! Don't blame me here! I just want to take revenge. Listen your friend is okay. He possesed Lockjaw but what about you! That suit won't be scrapped and that suit of course in safe... anyway wanna join me for revenge?
Teenager said "... yes... I will but can I also wear Puppet mask?
Unknown Animatronic:  OF Course! You can do anything now... now your part of Fazbear's Family. Enjoy your stay.. said Unknown Animatronic... and left the room...
Dark Lockjaw fell a sleep as he was tired and was shocked about new life as animatronic...
(Well now you know everything. Enjoy)

yes I will do FNAF Story 7 that gonna be a sequel and it won't take place in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Frank Burt's Pizza. Fazbear's Fright, Frank Burt's sewers/factory (TRTF 5 Location), etc. I will make own location that was connected with Fredbear's Family Diner. The name and story so far coming soon... and no sorry I haven't started The Simpsons skin series, I personally lost interest to skinning but there gonna be more blog stories besides FNAF. Thank you for reading and I'm sure you already found easter eggs I hidden in a story.
CreditThe Inquisitor, PoniatorFilms, Scott Cawthon

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