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Opinion: Freedom

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Hello and I am finally back. I apologize that I haven’t posted for like.. I don’t know.. a month or 2?
Well , I did post something but got it removed ;_;

I had this thing called “Writers Block”. You all probably know this but if you haven’t, there’s a reason why Google is invented :--)

I sound so mean lol. What I’m trying to say is, you can just look it up
But we are not talking about Writer’s Block. We’re talking about

F r e e d o m


But first, what is Freedom?

According to Google researches (well.. the thing I first saw as I entered “Freedom” on the search bar), it is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

But, for me, the definition of freedom is the one we are holding back.

Why do people hold back freedom?

You ask, why do people hold back freedom?

Society. People blame society for everything. They blame society why they’re acting like this, why people act like this, and basically, the flaws of one’s self, and the flaws of others.

I’m not blaming society or saying it's society's fault. I'm just saying the reason why they held themselves back. In my experiences, I sometimes overhear, or see people talking about how society ruins our lives, our dreams and our hopes. We can all see these types of people whether behind the screen, or in the real world. Well, there are some times I blame society.

But I always remember this and you should too cause I’m cool
We blame society. We hate society. We wished society would change.

But we are society.

For me, it’s no use saying all those things. What I mean those “things”, I meant all those “I wished reality (another word for society) never existed“ or "stop these things because it is bad" because we’re part of it. Telling 7 billion people around the world to stop judging for people’s interests or actions doesn’t help.

 I’m sorry but that’s my opinion. It doesn’t help.

What happens when you’re holding back freedom?

You will lose a lot of opportunities. A lot. Just because someone or something holds you back from doing it.

Let’s take a guy and a girl for example.

Guy likes Girl. And Girl likes Guy. But they don’t know that they actually liked each other.Guy wanted to tell Girl he likes Girl. Also Girl feels the same way to Guy. But too bad they’re too shy. Thinking of things that will happen. Those “What if she didn’t liked me back?”

And as time passes, Guy and Girl will somewhat get tired or thinking they will never be a cute couple or anything. And bam. Opportunity got tired too.

It was held back by you know what (Conscience..? Brain?). I know it will be embarrassing telling your crush that you like him or her. But it’s worth a try.. right? But of course, if you want to know if someone like you, seek for body languages lol (okay that was out of the topic)

 You can lose a lot of things when you're held back. Like:

1. Confidence
2. Joy
3. Opportunities
4. Future

It's never to late to do anything

Doesn’t mean that when people hold you back from your dreams, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it.

You are free to do whatever you like (good things of course. Not those.. violent things that could harm people. And think what people will "feel" when you do those things. Like if you want to say something bad about that person who didn't harm you, just keep it to yourself. You obviously know what's good and what's bad).

If you want to make skins, make then. There’s always room for improvement.

If you want to build projects and post it on PMC, whether it’s bad or good, whether you’re young or old (lol), then go!

And if you get criticized, then just shake it off

shake ur body off lol
show them you never cared

Just be strong. Always remember there’s room for improvement. Do things that make you happy. 

It’s your life. And you are the one controlling your life. Molding your future.

Go ahead. Maybe an opportunity awaits you. When you see a person already criticizing your work, then just walk like a girl wearing stilettos, walk past the person, whip your hair to his or her face and say

"Go away you're blocking my ray of sunshine with ur ugly fez" nah im just kidding :)

"Don't let the world change your smile. Let your smile change the world" k that was pretty emo and uh.. cliche lol



Hugs and Popcorns,

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