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Gates of violet hiding a hell of red || Tales from the Nether Minecraft Writing Contest

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Nitgo avatar Nitgo
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Explorer
As Steve walks across the desert holding dear to the leash of his pig, Gibby, he questions whither he will be able to survive the day, or turn into the monsters he fears the most, but as he ambles across the hot dessert he sees a structure. The structure seems to blend in, but not enough to hide from the naked eye. He approaches the structure just to realize it's not an ordinary village house. "Is.. Is that a temple?" he whispers to himself. Gibby starts to back off in what seems to be fear, but Steve manages to calm him down & proceed forwards. As he approaches the temple he climbs in. He realizes the structure is a desert temple, as he has seen many of them before. He was happy for the most part as he will now have shelter from the monsters of the night, and food too.

A Safe Haven?
Gates of violet hiding a hell of red || Tales from the Nether Minecraft Writing Contest

Steve goes in deeper into the temple as beams of daylight seep in he realizes that the temple isn't the usual temple. He looks down at where the treasure is usually located & he sees a red mist filling the basement of the temple & a soft purple light illuminating the room. He climbs down taking Gibby with him. As he views the basement a strange gateway catches his eyes, he's confused as he has never seen such a thing before. He picks out his book & quill from the chest mounted on Gibby, & starts writing about what he sees in the room.

A New Discovery!
Gates of violet hiding a hell of red || Tales from the Nether Minecraft Writing Contest

But before Steve could finish writing a strange creature started emerging from the portal it was like a pig, but more humanoid. Steve was frightened & the Gibby backed to side of a pillar to hide from the monster. The monster was wielding a golden sword, & seems to be in an advanced state of rotting. Steve held up his stone sword as a defence move, but the creature wasn't interested in anyone, really. It was just admiring its surroundings. It seemed to be dumbfounded by everything in the room. It's like it's never seen anything like it, Steve started asking the humanoid pig questions, but it was all but success... but despite the lack of understanding what the hell happened Steve was still fascinated by the portal, and he set a task for himself to venture out to what lies beyond the portal.

Beyond the violet
Gates of violet hiding a hell of red || Tales from the Nether Minecraft Writing Contest

Steve leaves food, & water for his pig before saying goodbye to Gibby before entering the Nether. Gibby waited for Steve to come back. The pig ate, & then slept while wondering both when Steve is coming back, & whither the zombie-pigman is harmful, or just dumb... A month passes by & Steve still hasn't come back, Gibby was afraid of entering the portal, but he gathers the courage to enter. After Gibby passed the portal he realized he was in a cave made purely out of a red rock that he has never seen before. Then Gibby realizes that there is a hallway that has been dug to the side of the cave to what seems to be the outside, he proceeds to go in.

The transformation starts.

As Gibby exits the mined hallway he finds himself in a wasteland, a cave filled with hot lava & creatures that defy everything related to normal. Gibby starts running down & up hills searching for Steve while trying to avoid the dangers of this hell while clinging on to his sanity. After walking across kilometers of rock & mud Gibby started to look everywhere... quite odd to say the least. Gibby started to lose his sanity more & more only wishing to find his friend, but suddenly Gibby looks across the red mist of hell only to find a structure. A structure that stands out from the rocky environment of hell, he climbs on & sees a humanoid creature, Gibby oinks to the creature suspecting it maybe Steve, but the dark creature stands up welding a stone sword while having bits of skin rotting of its body with the only other discernible items on it being a leash. Gibby realizes Steve is no longer... Steve, he has succumb to the pain of hell.

Giving up

Gibby ran away scared & alone not knowing what to do, then after running for a while Gibby finds himself in a forest. He didn't see, or know there where forest in such a harsh world.. Gibby found himself feeling safe, & welcomed for the first time in what felt to be forever. The forest felt mystical. He found oddly shaped pigs, pale in color, but peaceful enough not to harm him. He runs over to join the group, & then starts to eat from the grass, he remembers the life he used to have, a life full of adventure, & joy but now he is stuck in this dimension of pure hell. He wishes he were dead, but he must have been careful for what he wishes for, for that a golden sword slashes him from the side, he cries for help, but his cries fall on deaf ears. He looks up only to find that the killer is a humanoid pig with pale skin, but not rotten like the others. He closes his eyes for the last time & dreams about the grass hills he used to cover before it all turned back on him, and a tear falls, but that was the only one, because his head falls with it upon the monster slashes his neck.

Exiting the hell...

Extras [​Please read if judge]:
-If you have any questions about the story feel free to ask. This story is based on the 1.16 update.

-This story was made by: Nitgo, but the last 3 images weren't, but if I have time I'll finish the last drawings. Sorry I draw slowly.
-Settings: Desert, Desert-Temple, Basement of temple, Nether, Mystical Forest, Nether fortress, & most importantly the Nether.
-Story type: Third person.
-Main Characters: Steve, & Gibby the pig.
-Summery: Basically Steve & his best friend Gibby the pig where searching for a shelter in the hot desert, which they did. They found a desert temple which is familiar to Steve, but Gibby doesn't feel good about, but then they both discover that it isn't any normal temple, the temple contains a portal. Steve decides to enter the portal while Gibby waits for him to come back, but time passes so Gibby goes in to find Steve, but is surprised when he realizes Steve is no longer human so Gibby runs away in fear but finds a mystical forest that makes Gibby feel happy & reminds him of his old life, but alas he is killed by a piglin.
-Main character points: Steve decays into a wither skeleton after staying in the nether. Gibby turns into a hoglin & is killed by a piglin. Sad ending.

Thanks for reading.

CreditMy laziness.... ... .. .

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 03/17/2020 4:47:14 pmMar 17th, 2020

Added drawings of my own.

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03/10/2020 8:30 pm
Level 25 : Expert Strawberry
Kitten101 avatar
What happened to Steve?
03/11/2020 3:38 amhistory
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Explorer
Nitgo avatar
spoiler alert
He's the dark creature that Gibby finds welding a stone sword & a leash in the nether fortress.
03/10/2020 7:06 pm
Level 25 : Expert Sus
SandraSkylar avatar
I think I'm blind from some of the images, but good job on the story!
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