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Good Cover Photos And Their impact! | A Howto Tutorial on Geting More Views.

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avatar Dranzer98
Level 51 : Grandmaster Technomancer

Ok so i realised in past 2 days that allot of my newer projects which i have taken allot more time making a cover photo for have gotten on the popular reel.

So this makes me think, i go and look at the popular reel and actually see that 99% of the projects on there have infact got nicely edited Cover photos geting your attention wanting to make you click them.

This is a form of advertising and once you master it i can tottally promise you your gonna get allot more attention than people that just upload a booring screenshot!

Ive never really made a blog before so i dont know mich about the PmC blogging community ad i will probably rearely make a blog too ;) so dont go Hating on my layout lol.

So heres a small breakdown of how to make a nice looking cover photo.

1] Use colours that work with the project, heres and example of my airship build behind a grainy sunset.

2] Add a nice title to it as you can see above the red writing fits nicely with the detaills on the baloon.

So how do you make this you may ask....SIMPLE! all you need is a progam like photoshop [Not Free] or Gimp [Free]

Take a screenshot of ur build behind something that is a smooth colour like a greenscreen basicly. Then import it into your image program and select the "Magic Wand" tool and select the bright background colour. delete it and make shoure theres transparency behind it. Then find a picture of a nice background paste it behind the project and there you go you now have a nice looking cover photo.

I know this tutorial isnt the greatest but i hope you guys learn that cover photos DO make a difference in the ammount of attention you get.

btw. this also applies to custom YT thumbnails.

-Dranz from Quantum Creative


1 reply

12/07/2012 4:42 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Lava Rider
Great info, that will really help me out! :)

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