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avatar Grannitangle
Level 22 : Expert Princess
I'm on vacation right now so i can't really upload but i SWEAR when i get back i'll update you all!


So when I'm not playing MC, one of my other big hobbies is drawing. I'm a bit addicted to drawing eyes so I thought I'd share some of my favorite ones with you! These are all done in around 40m-1h with pencil and colored pencil.


Feedback is always appreciated! If you want to see more of my stuff you can follow me on Instagram @grans_arts

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Hey do u take requests? Ur rlly good so I was just wondering
  • vasiliy1942
  • Level 30
  • Artisan Warrior
  • July 10, 2018, 10:34 am
I draw pictures too , tomorrow I'm idle
So... I may draw some pictures and upload them here
you totally should! :)
  • akashi
  • Site Moderator
  • Level 40
  • Master Grump
  • July 6, 2018, 10:00 pm
i was expecting the thumbnail to be clickbait since it usually is but wowie youre really good at eyes :0
ty! xD
Truly amazing work! Even your signature looks professional.
thanks! Tbh i don't really love ny signature (looks too much like the immature 14 y/o I am) but i'm glad to see someone likes it!
Holy crap thst good maybe I should show you how I make my eyes !
Yesss please do!
Thats actually really good! Ive never been able to draw the human form, at leadt i havent tried xD id rather draw exotic cars and animals.
  • vasiliy1942
  • Level 30
  • Artisan Warrior
  • July 4, 2018, 2:26 am
great work!
thank you!
These are stunning!
Thanks! :3
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