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Grey Sloan Memorial Updates

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__Logan__ avatar __Logan__
Level 25 : Expert Architect

So, I have decided to remake the Hospital ' Grey Sloan Memorial ' to the Downtown Area of the Map.

Why?. I wanted a change of scenery and There is more space for Future Expansions,

The Hospital facade is going to be completely remodeled, To be more like the Version in Grey's Anatomy.

The Hospital is now Beside Ostburn Aquatic Center, Watermarke Tower.

The Remake will roughly take as long as I have been working on the other hospital, 1 year ( Because I Procrastinate lol )
But During this COVID-19 Pandemic (Sorry if this subject Triggers You) I am going to be working on the Hospital a lot more, So I can finish it before Next Year Hopefully..

The Texture Pack I use will probably not be available to You Guys Considering I am Still working on it

If you want to help Me, Just hop on the Server. play.woolcity.net . [​Server Burrow] Version: 1.15.2
Message Me if I'm on and I will allow You to Help. Also if You want We can talk on discord in a Voice Chat to communicate on The Build


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