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Herobrine in Weimcraft?

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Miukicat's Avatar Miukicat
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Creepy things have been happening to me lately on this one server that I go on a lot, Weimcraft. I've been getting reports about this same creepy phantom for awhile now and at first I didn't believe it at all. About six or seven months ago I was building on my plot when I heard someone yell, "OMG HEROBRINE!" Being a mod and wanting to help, I asked what was wrong and they said that they had seen someone named Herobrine. I thought this guy was trolling because no one had come on or off with the name "Herobrine". So I ignored this and went on with my building. A few days later I heard someone else who was new to the sever yell that he had seen this mysterious Herobrine too. Not taking it as another troll, I asked what Herobrine looked like. He said that Herobrine looked like Steve, the default skin, but his eyes were white.

I logged off and immediately searched "Herobrine" on google. I came up with a link to a site that I trusted called Minecraft wiki and was at this page, http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Herobrine I read that he was just a creepy pasta and I compared him to the Slenderman. Laughing to myself I dismissed all of the Herobrine sightings as a bunch of people trying to get attention from their mod. I ignored this until a few weeks ago when I started to get creepy signs and buildings at my sponge plot.

I saw red wool and torches in a strange pattern. I destroyed them thinking it was my fellow mod. It was, I caught him in the act, burning my house down. He said he was sorry and fixed everything. This didn't explain the books though. I think they are Herobrine's story. Book one: "White eyes in dark..." Book two: "... was last what I saw ..." Book three: "... before i was dead.". Then there are the signs, "Eyes in the dark..." "I'm watching" "Death...".

These signs kept appearing even at my underground house when the server map changed. But the creepy thing that made me hit the roof happened today. I was online alone with one other person, and he wasn't in my house. Just me and my pig. I opened one of my chests and found one of the "Herobrine Chronicles", I put it in my Herobrine chest and began to sort my things, putting them into a chest in another room I dug out. When I came back into the first room I was in when I logged on, a sign that wasn't there before had suddenly appeared, "Eyes in the dark...". I broke it and used it to label my chests. I came back to take my final bit of stuff into my chest room and another sign was there, "Death...". I was starting to get kind of weirded out because the signs had never appeared this fast. I still broke the sign and continued with my work. I was in the middle of my last bit of sorting when I heard the cave10.ogg, the same sound I heard in this Herobrine video I watched once. I cried out and closed Minecraft before I saw him.

I don't know what's going on but I have to admit that I was a little shaken by that. What do you guys think about this? I don't think it's a mod because I asked the server owner if he downloaded a Herobrine Mod and he said he didn't. And the second time the creepy things happened there weren't any mods on besides me.

~Miukicat :C

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Update #1 : by Miukicat 11/06/2012 11:53:55 amNov 6th, 2012

Added pictures depicting the Herobrine Chronicles, the wool and torch altars, and the signs.
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