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Herobrine Time

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avatar The_Creepest
Level 30 : Artisan Taco
Now fist let me tell you this: I host a private server that is now broken. So it was COMPLETELY VANILLA. I do not lie ever too my fans. The only people to ever come on were; whovian123135, cheesemoose10, eh1996, me, mahoneyDM36, and rjandros. This is a TRUE story.

Whovian, Cheese, and I were flying around in creative trying to find a cool place to build a city. We found a amazing curvy river around a sick island. We started building and then tunneled below us. Ok now for the interesting part we found a stronghold (ok that's not interesting!). We were like: Woop! Woop!. We re-built the Stronghold blocking off all caves. Then we re-made the rooms so we had beautiful rooms with carpets and TVs and bathrooms and a whole lot of stuff.

Ok so we were enjoying ourselves. We were making a scary stronghold into a pretty sick mansion. Now whovian has told me about Herobrine and I have heard stories about well you can Google those but this is mine. So I obviously I did not believe any of them. Untill ne day in my stronghold home...

Ok so we started noticing that every once and awhile blocks just disappeared from our walls. I didn't mind because I thought it was just silverfish or somebody griefing (although highly unlikely). Next we started noticing chickens spawning in part of the stronghold. Apparently this was a sign of Herobrine but I still didn't believe. Then we started hearing weird noises. So I was starting to think like What the heck! Now it was time to move out of the stronghold (No Da!).

We moved to the island above. Then we started seeing things like half a name tag and even worse once cheesemoose10's skin momentarily for like 30 minutes into Herobrine on only one Whovian's screen but not mine. I was at her house so I saw it happen. Again we were seeing and hearing things so we left to another city we built (New Sky City, NSC). Then we started getting teleported to random caves with TNT. now we might have put the tnt there in past projects but we were OP so we would of saw tp commands.

So now we were scared but me being in deniel said that he still wasnt real. After a few ore wierd things happening like what has already happened it all of a sudden was gone. we no longer had any other mysterious encounters except...

1 Update Logs

Map. : 05/25/2012 7:44:53 pmMay 25th, 2012

If you want to see this map go to my project title "Truecraft Server". There are many many many structures around this map. You may look at any of them. if you open a map in the top left is Anoria or the island where this took place. Also I suggest you dont make this survival even though most of it was built in survival because there are hidden stores of stuff everywhere. Thank you!

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hi i am new to this and i found your story really interesting what exactly does herobrine do i know he is dangerous and all but how he is most likely just a weird mod one of them had so they may have tricked you because i am sure herobrine is just a big fat lie myth rumor.
There is a story that one week before notch made the game his brother died. Soon in everyone's single player worlds a Steve with white appeared and killed them then griefed them. Notch denies this story but some believe it to be true.
btw this was 4 360 so he must be on pc to
to tell then we ditched the nether and we were like whats this mean this all happened last night no joke no.bs im serious
herobrine is real no joke me and my friends played on the 360 version and it says they removed hrrobrine but we investigated this random shack i found and we were like howd this get here and i mentioned herobrine so we watched a video and we made the herobrine spawner with a person from the video and 3 days in the game passed we hung out then by my house lit netherrak and a sign saying give up already and die no joke so i went with my friends to town hall and we panicked so i said that it was my fault i found the shack that started this and said lets just rough it out so everyday we searched the city then the next third day we saw netherak at the town hall so we went to the nether maf holes in the walls and stuff then we saw a hole went in and the next sign it saidthe clock is ticking to fast to.
(I spawned the silverfish, sorry)
ya but still we dont know for the other stuff. plus it wouldnt matter cause silverfish spawn in strongholds anyways.
My world is temporarily not on the site sorry. )C&

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