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Herobrine's story

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crazybluejosh avatar crazybluejosh
Level 37 : Artisan Caveman
You see, Herobrine started out with Notch and was pretty much Death! Notch was pretty much light! When they were created by a unusual force that is stronger than both, its name was Alokanomon!(I made it up, don't take it too seriosly) All 3 worked together, Alok (for short) was the god of everything. Notch, life and day! Herobrine, death and night! Alok carried a triphon, Notch a Diamond sword, and Herobrine a scythe! Lets get back to Herobrine. Herobrine was the one always left out of everything because he had no eyes! (This part takes place after he was banned, he got brought back) Herobrine got angry, he over threw Alok by slicing his neck in his sleep! Herobrine now ruled everything. A while later Notch went to where Herobrine was and told him to go down under bedrock! Notch being stronger (and awake) was in command of Herobrine! In the void, Herobrine got stronger and eventually, tried to overthrow Notch again! Herobrine is now banned again! He WILL eventually come back!

That was the story!

Have a great Minecraft DAY!!!

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