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his name is Wren (CONIDAE)

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Tygamer006 avatar Tygamer006
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I made a character for CONIDAE and designed how he looked by making skins for it because i am bad at all other forms of art but i will now explain his character here.

his name is Wren (CONIDAE)
his name is Wren (CONIDAE)

name: Wren

codename: frost

power: cryokinesis (can manipulate ice at will),
he can not only control ice but he can also freeze water to create ice. freezing however takes a lot of energy. all ice that is controlled by Wren and that has been frozen by Wren does not melt as long as Wren stays conscious.

weapon: a wrench of considerable size, it is about 1 foot long and can easily be used as a weapon

gem color: very very very light blue

as a child he was abandoned in a place where it was very hot, he had nowhere to go so he just wandered, he eventually was saved and also eventually joined the CONIDAE organization, he now builds machines as a hobby and to calm down.


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05/18/2021 9:53 am
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i thought this was about roblox until the conidae part
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