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Horses, Donkeys and Mules

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vickye5's Avatar vickye5
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To get mules on Minecraft 1.6, is to make a horse mate with a donkey. To do that, you feed the horse and donkey a golden apple or carrot. To feed them, right click on them with either any of those foods that were mentioned before, they are golden apples or golden carrots.
When they mate, there will be a brown donkey, which that is a mule. However, if the horse or donkey is not tamed, you will not be able to feed them.

The only times when you can feed a horse, mule or donkey is when they are either babies or hurt. Let's get onto feeding when they are babies. When you see a horse or donkey and it's a baby and you really want it to be an adult so you can tame it, you have to feed them by right clicking on them with an apple. If you keep clicking, the horses will get to a point where they can't get any bigger. That is when you can tame them.

Now, when horses, donkeys or mules have hurt themselves or you have hurt them, that's when you need to feed them. You get an apple from a tree or you inventory like so, and right click on them with the apple until it's health goes up.


To ride a horse, mule or donkey, you have to have a saddle on them or they will not go where you want them to. Once you have the saddle on your horse, mule or donkey, you can ride them by right clicking in them, to get off, press shift.

To control a horse, mule or donkey when riding it, you press W, S, A and D like you would to walk normally.

Armory and Chests

For your horses protection, you can put Horse Armor on it. You can do that by right clicking the horse with the Horse Armor in your hand, and dragging it up to the little section that is in the shape of Horse Armor. The Horse Armor comes in diamond, iron and gold.

Donkeys and mules lend a helping hand to you when your inventory is full. They can carry some more things for you. To make them do that, you right click on them with a chest in your hand, then you ride them and press E, and put the things that you want in there in those chests. However, it isn't as big as your normal chest.

I hoped this helped for those who are new to Minecraft 1.6., and thank you very much for spending time and reading this tutorial!

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10/09/2014 8:44 am
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I gave you a third diamond! :P
09/29/2013 4:41 am
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I know I'm commenting on my own blog well, tutorial, but I wanted to say that I have 2 diamonds already and it hasn't been out on Planet Minecraft for long at all :)
If you were those two people that gave me those diamonds, please comment so I can thank you :D
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