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How did I become a minercrafter? [Blog Contest]

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avatar AOCAWOL
Level 37 : Artisan Mage
Minecraft, a game I once considered “overrated” and “crappy graphics” is now one of the funnest games i’ve ever played! I got minecraft around 2012-2013, so around 1.4 basicly! I still remember my first world ever created, it's gone now but the memories aren’t. It was a jungle biome, of course for me I hadn’t really cared and just flew around, I was a scrub and played creative my first time, I know, should’ve played survival, but now I don’t, promise! I built a small jungle tree house on one of those 2x2 trees. It was crappy, small, round-ish, not something current me would be proud of, but at the time is seemed like I had created a masterpiece! I was excited, and of course, like most new folk to minecraft, we all had that fear of herobrine coming and ruining our worlds. It never happened, eventually I just forgot he ever existed and went on with my minecraft experience.

1.5, ‘The Redstone Update” I at the time liked messing around with redstone, nothing that cool, but when 1.5 came out, I became very interested in it. Quartz, hoppers, and more! I fooled around with all of it! Then I watched sethbling, like most of us redstoners back in the day! Soon after, I learned to create more complex and varied machines.

1.6, “The Horse Update” I think that's when I became more of a survival person, of course I still played survival previously, but having horses just made it a whole lot easier for me to travel! That also when I started getting into servers, I played on a factions server, and hypixel (this was very old at the time and had not much on it!) It's also where I meet some of my first minecraft friends! I had also found a few from my new school, but then I meet someone like me. He was a bad builder at the time, so he joined my faction and I made him this crappy house, but he praised me for it! We eventually became actual friends and currently are best friends still! Sadly though, that's when I learned the harsh world of minecraft, people griefing and being rude to you. It was shocking at first, but eventually, like me, you’ll just go with the flow and learn to relax and simply just raid them back!

1.7 “The Update That Changed The World” actually to be honest right now, I didn't know that's what it's name was called! Now, here is 1.7 me, I have been pretty much a semi-master redstoner, my friend who was bad at building, got amazing over the summer, and now I’m learning to build good too! That's when, I got this magical idea in my head, textures packs! Now around this time I also had been getting into mods as well, but I didn't know how to make them, anyway, this also was when I discovered this wonderful website! [Planetminecraft.com] I suggest you check it out! So I watched a five minute tutorial, got my folders ready, loaded up paint.net and started working, my first texture pack was “derp craft” which you can still find on my profile! Sadly, dealing with pmc staff can be tough, It got taken down a lot for I don’t know reasons, but then eventually just stayed! Now my current and most popular one is “Simple Craft” which can also be found on my profile! These made me really happy, also at the time I had uploaded skins,maps and more to planet minecraft!

1.8 “The Bountiful Update” ah this was fun! Because that's around the time another new idea popped into my head, servers! I made one, well bought one actually, port forwarding doesn't work on my internet sadly! So I got one from a host called “Apex” it was cheap because it was on sale, so i'm like “cool” and “yay” so I got it up, played with my friends, go bored, shut it down, 5 months later, I re-open it, make it with plugins and stuff like an actual server. Publish it, no plays it… So then I just gave up on that dream and went to my current one. Modding, I currently am still learning to code, so for the mean time, I use a program called Mcreator, I know a lot of you will either say “I like it, it's good!” or “It's for noobs!” Which I can agree in both, it's for people that are beginning to learn code, so I don’t judge people who use it. Anyway, right now I have a few fun mods on that website so yeah, I didn’t really play much single player during this time. But then I got into building tutorials, I recently have learned I’m good at at making natural looking terrain that still looks nice! So I put that to use and made lots of builds! A good trick is, to always get out of the even comfort zone, you need to make things like ponds and river be a bit messy! But of course still in a nice way. I also learned around the time of 1.7 of schematics, which I currently have a few up right now on my profile! Of course I can never call myself a professional at building and other sorts, but I tend to think of myself to be really good. I also got into a really fun type of server called Towny, I always have loved things with buildings and economy, and this just packaged it all into a neat little box for me! So, towny, It was a lot harder than ite looked, plots had to be 16 by 16, either if you're making a small road or a big mansion! I eventually just ended up doing a lazy rule to bypass this, making plot barriers, simply by putting hedges or cobble walls, you can institute that if they pass over this, even if there plot extends somewhere out of it, there removed or kick out of the plot or town! Anyway, gist of the story is, be lazy!

1.9 “The Combat Update” I loved this update, I know a lot of newer players were disappointed by the new combat features, but don’t worry! It just means practice, instead of spam, I loved the new wings added in as end city loot! I on my server had fun with these, and still do on other server today!

Lastly, we come to our current version of 1.10 “The Frostburn Update” This was my friends favorite because of the polar bears! There cute, but I sorta wanted panda bears more, but jeb did say for better features, wait for 1.14! Now this leaves me off with the current me, working on mods,maps,texture packs, and having fun on towny and other servers like hypixel! These fun and amazing memories are what lead me to be part of this amazing community and what made me, a minecrafter!

The End!

Hey guys! AOCAWOL here, hope you guys all enjoyed my entry for the contest! Make sure to diamond and favorite if you liked it! ^-^

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